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  1. Was a pleasure! Grateful to be able to be invited on my first podcast. Thanks Randy!
  2. Pseudomugils will take dry food fine, but I also recommend breeding this species as they are relatively short lived. Sometimes dry foods aren't enough to produce a lot of eggs. This is what I generally feed pseudomugils: Live baby brine shrimp will make your life super easy with luminatus and many other pseudomugils. If you are unable to provide this regularly, frozen micro crustaceans are readily accepted: baby brine, daphnia, cyclops, copepods, etc. You can also use a cheese grater (use caution) to grind down larger frozen foods such as brine shrimp or bloodworms. In terms of dry food, recently I've really liked Agcore Ommnivore Crumble Bits (0.5-1mm).
  3. Congrats 👏 I can connect you with European breeders. I don't have a direct Swiss contact, but know breeders in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Turkey and Ireland who are currently working with them. Additionally, if you have a local source that can import from Maju Aquarium CV in Indonesia, they are now able to provide commercial export of M. Sp. Kali Tawa and many other rare rainbowfish species.
  4. Just to clarify, Kali means stream, so Melanotaenia sp Kali Tawa comes from the Tawa stream near the Village of Lobo. Although this species is not difficult to keep, the one note I would recommend when breeding them, is to breed and raise them at lower temperatures than most rainbowfish. This is because when Gary and I raised batches at 82f or above, we raised mostly females. Gary later shared that they were collected in water closer to 75f. We then raised batches closer to 75 to 78f and started to get an equal ratio of males to females. Apparently, Johannes Graf (in Germany) has the opposite problem where higher temperatures he was raising all males. Let me know if you are looking for further information on them.
  5. Hey everyone, If you're ever in the mood to chat rainbowfish let me know! My main passion and focus is breeding rainbows. I currently keep 13 species of rainbowfish but the list seemingly grows every time I blink. I do also enjoy breeding Ram Cichlids in my spare time...mainly because they grow up so much faster than rainbows. Though I am an atrocious video maker, I have been posting some videos of some rainbowfish that have never been shown on the platform before. I plan to keep posting updates on their growth and provide a hobbyist's level of documentation of new and unsubscribed species. Cheers, Ryan
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