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  1. That's a shame, I always added stuff from that list. That was a nice perk for members. It really added value to my membership. Thanks for the info, I do appreciate it.
  2. Awesome, I like this answer. That would make sense. That doesn't seem to be the issue this time. Mine would do that occasionally as well. Although it has been awhile. I did check that. Thanks for the input
  3. Long lost update. He's thriving. Loving the new digs. Not great pics but he's hard to get on camera. He's officially part of the Emerald Cory clan.
  4. Just an update, I've got at least four fry that have made it so far, those are the ones I can see and count independently. I'm thinking there are possibly more that I can't see. Hopefully they'll be big enough to see all of them in a couple of weeks or so. Thanks for everyones input. I was not prepared so thanks again for the quick input.
  5. Got him out of the quarantine and into the 45 gal tonight. He's doing pretty good. Still skinny but eating regularly. I'm hoping more room equals more exercise, more exercise means more munching which will chunk hom up. ACO heater is holding the temp nicely. Still working on getting a picture of him, which it turns out is kinda difficult. Any suggestions on potential tank mates? Got some small Val along the back, came in pretty rough but hopefully it will make it. Some Pogo, Amazon sword, African water fern, and an unknown plant that came with a rescue tank. Eventually I'll add some chain sword which seems to like my water. I'll get some pictures of the tank tomorrow. May even be able to get lucky and get King Louie in one of them.
  6. He's not real photogenic but I'll get a picture of him one of these days. May have to wait until I move him to the 45. And thanks Blueline. I have a 75 he can go in but they prefer decently warmer waters than the fish I have in it so I'll probably have to figure something else out for him. The 45 should give me a little time since he's still small
  7. First off, these are NOT ACO plants. I had an etsy coupon so I rolled the dice. One came with rotted roots stubs, the others are just stems that the bases will have to be cut back. The direct question is, is it possible to sprout roots on the stems with none or do I need some roots to bring them back. Internet said it was a no go, figured I'd ask here for any first hand knowledge. Thanks
  8. He's doing great. Thanks for asking. Still way skinny but he's eating regularly, Repashy bottom scratcher and snails. He's currently in my 10gal quarantine tank but he's fixing to move to a larger tank once I can order an ACO heater. He still hides in the cave a decent amount but I do notice he's more active at night and in the morning. I think he will make it just fine, now I'm just focusing on getting him fattened up and into a bigger tank. My Fiancé named him King Louie, since he's a fan of the escargot. I will try to get a picture of him when he pops out for a snack
  9. Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge. I truly appreciate the input. I'll do the best I can with what I've got and see what happens.
  10. What about some small algae blooms I have going on in an outdoor container pond? Would that don anything positive or am I over thinking it?
  11. Awesome. Thank you. I really appreciate it. I'd love to have a few make it.
  12. I had a second batch of Emerald Cory eggs appear a couple of days ago. I moved a batch to a 5 gal I had to grow out small plants and I just discovered a few fry. I don't have any fry food on hand. I have Repashy bottom scratcher powder and Xtreme Nano. I figure the Xtreme nano is too bog so I put a bit of Repashy powder in. I recall boiled egg yolks crushed up would work. Any input on something that might give them a fighting chance? I'm not setup or prepared for breeding and this is only the second batch of eggs I've ever had. Thanks for any help
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