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  1. Those pics look a bit worrisome. First off, in regards to parameters....given you have 0 nitrates, there is a good possibility your tank may not be cycled. Secondly, the bent spine and dull whit band/patch around the fish are symptoms of columnaris. The color of the gills looks concerning as well, though I have never had guppies. A good step one would be to add some salt...1 Tbsp per 5 gallons should be fine for guppies.
  2. quikv6


    I have been doing alot of reading on Columnaris recently, and I think that could be a possibility here. Dull, white patch, and swelling/raised scales just in that spot. Also, it seems livebearers are quite susceptible to the disease.
  3. Have you tried salt? That would be a good idea, as mentioned above, and can be used in conjunction with other meds, such as API fungus cure.
  4. Thanks for the help! Will do...I appreciate the advice.
  5. It's hard to tell, to be honest. There never appeared to be a fungal/cotton-like issue. The lips just seemed noticeable whiter one day, and they have kind of stayed that way. The upper lip looks like it may have receded a tad, but again, it's so tough to tell. I have fungus cure, but I don't think there's a fungal issue here. And being I've tried Furan 2 and Kanaplex with no improvement, I am not sure what my next step would be.
  6. I have a juvenile Platy with white lips. She eats voraciously, and doesn't show any other symptoms of illness, other than the white lips. (I don't know if they were always white, as I have alot of these, but I really don't think so.) I have her in a hospital tank, and have done a full 5 day treatment of Furan 2 + Kanaplax. No change to the white lips. She is also in w/a TBSP of salt per 5 gallons. Please let me know if there's anything else I should do? I ordered Sulphaplex, but have other meds on hand. Thanks!
  7. I think Ich-X is the way to go, but I would not do them with the other 2 in the trio....due to the daily waterchanges that Ich-X requires when treating for an active infection. You would just be taking the other meds out during the waterchanges, which wouldn't be effective. Ich can show up as 2 or 3 dots one day and be way more a day or two later, after the parasite has multiplied exponentially. So even though there are only a few dots now, it could definitely be ich.
  8. Just curious....was it the newer Aqueon Pro (The one w/ the light in the top adjustment knob), or the older model which has the light on the body of the heater and the blue knob? I ask because I am using both currently, and absolutely hate the newer model ones. They fluctuate way too much for my liking, and the calibration is way off. The older ones seem far better quality.
  9. You should be commended for 30 years of devotion. That is quite a milestone. Here's to many more years. I hope he recovers. In regards to Furan 2 and Kanaplex combo...It can be quite potent. If you were going to treat beyond one cycle (Which was 5 days, I believe), I remember it being advised to give the fish a break from it for a few days in between cycles. I truly wish him a full recovery. Please keep us posted!
  10. Thanks so much for the response. I appreciate all the insight. I am currently starting day 7. As of yesterday, only one fish in each tank has a visible spot...so the process continues. These water changes are killing me, especcialy in the 75 gal tank. I have been gravel vaccing each time, and may switch to a pump to make the process a bit easier. One last question: The directions specify 24 hours at a minimum. If I do the morning one day, and the next day do the evening, is there any risk in that, being that it'll be more like 32 hours?
  11. I appreciate the link, but it unfortunately doesn't address some of the concerns/ questions I had.....especially re:gravel vac, cycle, and aquarium lighting. Any other input is certainly appreciated. Thanks!
  12. When treating Ick with Ich-X: 1) Are water changes absolutely necessary every day? If not, do you less the dose slightly when skipping a waterchange, to account for the previous days' dose that wont be removed? 2) Are gravel vacs necessary/recommended each waterchange? 3) Should aquarium lights remain off during Ick-X treatments? (Some live plants) 4) Can a daily waterchange actually crash a cycle? (Sponge filters) 5) How many days should Ich-X still be dosed AFTER there are no more white spots on any fish? Context: I am treating 2 tanks (75 gal and 20 gal ) for Ich, and have just completed day 5. Man...these waterchanges are a real pain, and are very time consuming. I have been gravel vaccing each day. I am no longer seeing any more Nitrates in the 20, and the 75 is down to about 5ppm. I have the temp to 81, and don't want to go higher. I do add around 1 TBSP salt for every 5-10 gallons. Any and all help is appreciated. I'd love to curb these waterchanges a bit, if I can.
  13. That PH of 6.4 seems a tad low for livebearers. Is your PH normally at that level? I have found that a PH change during a waterchange can cause mild flashing behavior. Although I don't think this is the case, a drastic change in salinity can affect their behavior. Being you only changed 5 gallons without salt, I don't think that would be an issue. You can try adding a small amount of salt back in (to replace the salt that they were use to, and see if there is any change in behavior. I am assuming you declorinated at the last waterchange. If not, that could cause issues.
  14. I agree with Hobbit and Colu. You did everything you could've, with the best intentions. Many Bettas that make it to the Pet Store may not make it out, and you gave Fred a home with love and care. If you get the urge to get another, I would go for it....and offer that one a good, loving home as well.
  15. Hey Stephen, I don't have very much insight to add, but I do own a Seapora 40 long, and it was my favorite looking tank. I also have a Marineland, Aqueon, and TopFin, but the Seapora always seemed to be a bit "cleaner" with greater attention to detail. From the black silicone to the frame and pane fitment, it just looked more professional. I can't speak to the scratch resistance, though. Sorry.
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