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I could literally write some sort of an essay on how much I have had to mess with my HoBs to get them to function and "fix design issues".  I have always enjoyed this aspect of the hobby and I'd love to ask everyone about their setups. For reference below, I'll toss in a few pretty epic videos when it comes to filter setups.

Please feel free to post and share your filter setups here!


I'll have to grab some paper and sketch out a few mods I've done!


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This is the most recent one for me.  Replacing damaged sponge off the Ziss Bubble Bio Moving Bed Filter and adding a fine filter foam to help keep the media chamber / air chamber from filling with gunk.

Another way to perform this is to use actual fine pad cut into a circle and only the black foam (bumpy side down)

This is the original, replacing it because it's tearing on both sides right in the middle.



This is the new one, bumpy foam, stacked with bumpy side facing each other so it fits in the filter.




Edit: More mods to the ziss.  Trying to buffer my water without adding it to the substrate (black substrate)


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