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Found 4 results

  1. I could literally write some sort of an essay on how much I have had to mess with my HoBs to get them to function and "fix design issues". I have always enjoyed this aspect of the hobby and I'd love to ask everyone about their setups. For reference below, I'll toss in a few pretty epic videos when it comes to filter setups. Please feel free to post and share your filter setups here! I'll have to grab some paper and sketch out a few mods I've done!
  2. I am debating on getting a Python for my new tank as the tank is on the opposite side of the house as my sink. My kitchen sink is old and for the moment lets just assume I can't get a python fitting to work. I have seen Cory's video where he attaches a powerhead to the end of the tube so that he does not have to mess with the suction valve at the faucet. With this approach wouldn't you have to switch the ends of the pipe when you wanted to drain/fill (or at minimum move the powerhead). This would not really be that hard, but would possibly make me drip through the house. I am trying to think of ways that I could avoid this any maybe even save some water when using the python. It seems like I would be able to use the 3 way valve that comes with the python and connect a powerhead to the "faucet" side. Throw it in a bucket full of water and just let the bucket circulate/overflow to drain the tank. Then pour the dirty water out of the bucket, fill it up again with fresh water, and then fill the tank back up again. Does anyone know of a reason why this would not work? I don't see anyone use a power head in this manner they all seem to direct attach it to the tube which would ultimately be faster.
  3. I want to install a air stone in my sponge filter but it has that plastic tube could I just cut it off with some wire cutters and install and air stone.
  4. I'm not handy at all but I thought I'd try drilling my AC rock planter. I have drill bits for drilling holes in wood - could I use one of those to make a hole? Is there a chance the planter will shatter? Has anyone else done this? Do little fish get caught between the 2 sides? I thought I'd put some acrylic goo to seal off the narrow areas. Good idea?
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