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I’ve been informally breeding Bristlenose / Bushynose Plecos (Ancistrus) for awhile. My son started out breeding drawing eggs from a pair in our African Cichlid tank…

And I’ve since bred a bunch from these fry. Now, the first male was yellow / gold (albino?) but the female was brown. Their fry all appeared brown or slightly “mottled” but their fry split out to yellow and brown.

Here’s a look at the first set of fry abs a new pull of eggs from a 33-gal Killifish colony…

I’ll keep this thread going as Bristlenose grow. 

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My neighbor offered me any number of Zucchini he’s got booming in his garden…


They’re HUGE! Easily 2x-3x the size I find in the normal grocery store.

I took one today, cut a burger-sized disc out and fried it in olive oil, Mrs Dash, and ate with Ranch dressing. 😋

Then of course…


Wait for it… BOOM!



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One locally grown zucchini slice, and now this again??!!



Guess he deserves an “atta-boy.” But i swear these fish are the Cane Toads of the Aquarium hobby 🐸

Here’s a better view…


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