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A good fast growing plant for a 5 gallon Betta Tank

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A lot of the fast-growing stuff gets big. As in really big. I have a fast-growing water sprite that's about to take over my ten-gallon tank. Fast-growing stem plants will need trimming resulting in stumps/cuts that won't be all that attractive. Things like Jungle Val will grow through the roof of a five-gallon tank. Most sword plants will outgrow a five-gallon tank. You want something showy for a centerpiece plant. Anubias and Java ferns are nicely sized plants, but not fast-growing. Crypts and aponogetons might be your best options. Even then you'll have to be careful about growth and mature sizes.

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@Leo2o915 I agree with @gardenman that Java fern is a great option for a small tank. I put it in the back corner of my 5g and it has now spread to the opposite side of the tank as well, providing kind of a pretty, textured wall in a few months. It is considered a slower growing plant so you could buy a few and place them spaced apart so they fill in. When I ordered mine from ACO, I actually got several nicely sized plants in one pot so it was an awesome surprise. 

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Pennywort. The large leaves let the betta rest lightly not the entire way. Trimming is crazy easy. It only needs a plant weight attached and dropped in. Roots grow from every leaf clust so just cut below wherever you want. It can also be planted but then you have to cut the new top leaves or uproot cut and replant. I tie mine to things or suction cup to a wall as well. Visually interesting super easy and grows very fast. Here is a pile I cut out of tanks recently. And a picture from coop



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