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  1. Always make sure to ask permission if you are on private land. I personally like melaleuca wood. It's hard, gnarled and not native. So you don't have to deal with all the rigamaroll that comes with legally collecting manzanita wood. If you ask tree trimming companies about melaleucas (and if you offer to pay the guys a little) you can get your hands on some amazing wood. Also, there are conifers (soft woods) that are okay to use in aquariums. If they have a strong scent, then they aren't something you want in your tank. Generally speaking....
  2. Maybe she could do an aquarium themed jigsaw puzzle (1000 pieces maybe?) to celibate the mile stone. I know I feel most chaste when I'm collecting all the edge pieces on a good puzzle.....
  3. One of the stores i frequent carries arapimas on a semi regular basis. People buy them too. Since I see them there one week, then gone the next.
  4. I mean, it can happen, but is it likely? Personally I haven't seen mine eat gravel. I also have a pretty strong feeling that if some was swallowed it would just pass. I like leaf litter for mine. I hear stuff like this a lot with everything from leopard geckos to axolotyls. I think animals are more than capable of passing most small unintentionally swallowed things like substrate. Last I checked most wild animals don't live on bare bottoms....
  5. Yes, and I'm not sure. Probably at least 150 gals......
  6. I don't change water or gravel vac. Pretty much all of my tanks just have airstones and plants. If I need heavy filtration, I just add terrestrial plants on top. I don't check water parameters anymore either. The only thing I add to the tanks is oak leaves. leaves
  7. It really depends on the plant. Every state has different rules about what's prohibited. Generally speaking, throwing them in the trash is pretty good. The main thing is to not flush them down the toilet or the sink. What you're doing is good. Not necessary, I think, but if you wanna do it, sure.
  8. I always tell new people to do basic research, and find someone who makes sense to them. When you do that, then you can figure the rest out. I actively discourage new people from participating in online clubs and forums. I always say it's better and easier on you if you lurk. You get the benefit of learning and none of the potential blowback that can happen in those places. Most online clubs/forums always have a very strong community of "knowledgeable mean people" for lack of a polite term. Their knowledge is only surpassed by their disdain for "newbie questions" and the sheer inflexibility of their chosen aquarium dogma. Besides, once you figure out how to use the search function a whole world of answers to questions you had will open up. Granted, I got into fish through 4chan. My path has been, let us say, less than usual. This forums is one of the few places where the policing of bad behavior is fairly consistent. I like that things always stay light and there are no flame wars or anything like that.
  9. I don't know why people pay for leaves when they can just use oakleaves that they can get for free and get the same effect ....
  10. I found out through the podcast. I never watch the YouTube vids. I only listen to the podcast
  11. Get white clouds and run air from indoors to keep it from freezing. Oh, and put a cover on it to keep unwanted critters out.
  12. Something this big doesn't need a mechanical filter. Just toss in floating plants and a handful of different colored mollies, a couple a goldfish and call it a day. Guys happy, local wildlife is happy and you are happy (assuming he's going to pay you)....
  13. Go to a glass shop and have them cut a glass top for the tanks in question. It's a whole lot cheaper than you think, and they can drill holes/cut outs in it if you request it. Also, you can buy glass and cut it yourself. It's pretty easy. If you don't wanna go down the glass route there's always plexiglass or lexan.
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