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Sponge Filter

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On 1/3/2022 at 2:25 PM, Kurt Brutting said:

I just wanted to say to Aquarium Co Op team and it’s fan base that the Aquarium Co Op Sponge Filter is the absolute best! It is a game changer for my aquariums, thank you to the Coop team for all the hard work and amazing product. 


This looks beautiful! Nice selections. You make me want to order some Co-Op Sponge Filters right now . . .

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I totally underestimated sponge filters. They are really the best, and they keep all the mulm and beneficial bacteria in the tank.

I keep more plants than fish in every tank, and I squeeze-out the sponge filters into the water column to recharge the soil, feed the plants, and provide grazing food.

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I am excited for the Aquarium Co Op air pump. I saw they released a certain amount for members before it really hits their shelves. That with their sponge filters and the ziss never clog air stones you can control the exact amount of air, flow, and lift you want. What Cory and his team are doing for the hobby is unprecedented. 

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