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180 Gallon Acrylic

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Evening everyone! With a basement fish room anything over 75 gallons pretty much needs to be acrylic. I searched long and hard for a good used one and was able to find this one. The tank measures 72"x24"x24".

I built the stand last week with 2x4s doubled up and a 1.5" butcher block top, it will be finished in the front with white trim and matching doors.

120lbs of Flourite Dark makes up the base layer and is capped with 90lbs of imagitarium black sand. Hardscape of rock and wood. Planted with assorted Val, Anubius and Swords.

Filtration is currently 4 medium sponge filters. I will most likely add a power head for a bit more flow and the tank is heated with a Hygger 500W.

One of the medium sponge filters was fully seeded but I'll give the bacteria on the sponge and the plants time to grow.IMG_20210823_222823035.jpg.2403fc0bc9f970463805bacfe66f88c9.jpgIMG_20210823_222846818.jpg.75a6f8f486daf8eab59189a634c78f3c.jpgIMG_20210823_222913309.jpg.69a51980b40d2baf75a61afc5c8de4e2.jpg

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On 8/24/2021 at 5:57 AM, Colu said:

Nice tank what fish are your planning on putting in that tank @DSH OUTDOORS

That is a good question @Colu

The one fish I know for certain is my young pair of Electric Blue Acara.  I need to add some black or grey Mexican Beach stones to finish out the scape and give them something to lay on.

The next possibilities are as follows:

1 )My remaining unpaired Koi Angels, there are 9 currently but I'm hoping for two more pairs to bring that down to 5. OR. My group of 4 Leopold Angels, unpaired as of yet.

2) A group of 6-8 Dwarf Neon Rainbows AND Ether a group of 6-8 Dority's Zig-Zag Rainbow OR a Group of 6-8 Bozeman Rainbow.

3) A group of either 4-6 Banjo Catfish OR 6-8 Red Lizard Whiptails OR 4-6 Royal Farlowella.

4) A group of 5 Calico Bristlenose currently growing out in my outdoor pond.

5) A group of 6-8 Orange Venezuelan Cory.

Hoping to stabilize water PH between 7.0 and 7.2 and maintain a temp between 80 and 82.  The driftwood has been soaking for over a month and is still releasing quite a bit of tannins.  I am hoping the higher volume will dilute these tannins a bit to give the benefits without darkening the water too much.

Send me your thoughts suggestions!




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Got my 8 Banjo Catfish added in. They are loving the black sand as they bury themselves in it and disappear during daylight hours. I hardly see them except when I turn the lights on in the morning. 


Added in the grey rounded stones and also added my 4 Leopold's Angelfish, 7 Venezuelan Cory  and my 3 Electric Blue Acara.


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I'm realizing my fish like to mess with me before I go on a trip. Work a half day run home to pack and feed before leaving till Sunday. Noticed my electric Blue Acara guarding eggs. Decided to pull into a breeder box to lesson aggression while I'm away. Fingers crossed they look good Sunday.


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Lots of happy and healthy wigglers when I got home last night. When I left them In the breeder box the eggs were on a rock and I placed a tea bag in the hopes of limiting fungus. When I got home the top of the rock looked like a fungal mess. I was disheartened, then looked under the sides of the rock to find dozens of little wigglers. I carefully removed the rock, when I took the bag out it fell apart and spread across the breeder box. I'm leaving it for now until I have free swimmers, then I can suction them out. Fingers crossed.



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On 8/23/2021 at 11:01 PM, DSH OUTDOORS said:

I searched long and hard for a good used one and was able to find this one.

Another amazing used tank find?!?! Between that and the 95 hex, you have me thinking you must be the champion scrounger!  I am impressed, sir! 

Congrats on the eggs and wrigglers!  Looking forward to future updates.

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A little word of advice.  If you are going to keep your breeder box in the original tank, even if there is only a small gap between the box and the acrylic top of the tank, use the cover!!!!  I didn't get a picture but I came home to a hatchet fish swimming around in the box and only 5 Acara fry left...  Lessons learned, hopefully I can get these 5 to size so they can survive the big tank.

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Ask and you shall receive!

The scape is going good, only issue is the flourite coming to the surface because of the Banjo Cats and whatever else digging in the sand.

Plants are fully recovered from the move and plenty of new growth is coming in.







Current stock list:

Electric Blue Acara=6

Leupold Angel=4

Bosemani Rainbows=6

Dwarf Neon Rainbows=10

Banjo Catfish=8

Calico Bristlenose=5

Orange Venezuelan Cory=6

Red Pencil Fish=5

Silver Hatchet fish=12

I would say that I am at my max (maybe a little over).  besides the 4 medium Coop sponges I have an Fluval FX6 that I installed a week or two ago.



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