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New to the forum, but not to the hobby!

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Howdy all! Like you, I'm a fish lover and I like to talk about them and help people with the subject as well as learning new things about the hobby. I'm currently making plans to get my PADI Scuba Certification, but I absolutely loved diving to see the fish in their natural habitats.

After a bit of a hiatus I managed to accumulate enough money to restart my aquarium. It started off with a little 5 gallon betta tank then evolved into a 37 gallon fully live aquarium. But before those two tanks, I had a couple other tanks I had as a wee lad. A 10 gallon and then a 40. No live plants or anything and I sort of just threw fish in without really researching them. I was only like, 10 at this time. Unfortunately neglect came into play and eventually the fish tank sort of faded away over the years. Until recently, I've been reinvigorated to get back into the hobby and to make sure the fish have a happy and healthy life.

So far, I have 10 Cardinal Tetras, 3 different Plecos (A Bristle Nose, Clown and Ghost), 3 Julies and 1 Emerald Corydora, and one Bamboo shrimp.

There's still a few more fish I plan to add, such as UFO loaches, a pair of Dwarf Gouramis, some female bettas and a pair of angelfish. Yes, it's quite a few fish, but between the plentiful plants and the weekly waterchanges, I believe both the fish and water will remain happy and healthy. I also plan to get a few more java ferns and stick them onto the wood there, because I do love the look of all the plants!

If you're interested in some of the equipment of the tank, I have a Fluval 207 Canister filter (Sorry Cory, I love canisters.), 2 Fluval heaters that keep the aquarium and a stable 79-80 degrees, a total of four airstones and a standard LED light. I have a timer for the light that turns it on every 8am and turns it off every 8pm. So far, all the fish are happy and healthy and the water parameters are all good.  No ammonia, no Nitrites and less than 10ppm of Nitrites. Ph is also set and a nice 7.0. 

I am also in the process of revamping the little 5 gallon tank I've mentioned earlier. The previous betta I had unfortunately passed away. I don't know why, despite all the water parameters were in the clear. Either way, this presented an oppertunity to take what I learned from the 37 gallon and reapply it into the 5 gallon so I may house a King Betta. I may also get myself another 5 gallon tank and make it a Nano-fish tank, filled with tiny little fish and shrimps.

This got longer than expected, when it comes to fish, I like to talk and ramble all about it. If you've read this far, then thanks for reading lol. I look forward to participating with the forum!


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