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First Co-op USB nano air pump fail.

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Had my first USB nano air pump from the Co-op fail after running for around two years straight. I have all my air running both inside and outside from these little wonders. I love them because they are totally silent and obviously reliable. Enough power to run to the bottom of my 150 gallon stock tank pond with ease. They are small and easy to move. At $10 each they are a no brainer for me. I just ordered a couple more. 

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I’ve gone through quite a few of the USB air pumps. I’ve bought maybe 6 ish in total and I love them, but I’ve had 3 just randomly stop working. I reached out to the coop once and got it replaced but didn’t bother with the other two, they are so cheap I just bought more instead and switched to using them only for power outages. 

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