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Best Breeding Setup

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TITLE: Best Breeding Setup - NERM Week 2021

Hello Fellow Nerms! Today marks the first day of NERM Week 2021!!! Meaning that submissions for our photo contests are live! For more information on how to post your submission as well as vote for other submissions visit here.


You must submit your submission for each contest by Wednesday at Noon participants local time. If you post your submission after this your submission is invalid and you will be private messaged. You can only have one submission per contest, if you have multiple the submission with the most reactions will be invalid. 

Wednesday at Noon participants local time is when voting will start. To vote simply react to the submission you want to win. You can react to as many submissions that you want!

Saturday at Noon participants local time is when voting ends and the results will be announced.

Best Breeding Setup | 2021  NERM Week Fish Photo Comps!

This is the best tank in terms of appearance AND function. The submitted tank must have had aquatic life bred in it at one point in time. Your post must contain one full tank shot, and up to 4 other shots. (One photo will be dedicated to showing that this tank has had breeding occur.)

Best Breeding Setup Rules and Guidelines:

Most importantly stay within the guidelines of the forum.

The tank must be your own.

The tank must be a suitable environment for your animals.

There must be tangible evidence of breeding. This could include: Eggs being laid, breeding behaviour, baby/juvenile fish, shrimp, snails etc, or an ever increasing population. (This will require at least one photo hence the extra)

Invalid Posts:

If your post does not comply with our rules/ guidelines you will be private messaged for the post to be fixed. If the post has not been fixed by Wednesday at noon, your post becomes invalid. Any members post thats does not comply with our rules/guidelines will receive a private message.


Good Luck!!! 

If you have any questions please private message either @James Black or @FlyingFishKeeper. If you do not know how to private message someone click here

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My Guppy Breeding tank! No babies yet, but there is a pregnant mamma! The aquarium is a 10 gallon aquarium with pogostemon octopus, crypts, javafern, hygrophillia compact and a sword. It has a nano co-op sponge fitler, preset heater and has a fluval 3.0 nano.


Pregnant Female:


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I'll toss in my "wifes" 20 Long.  She cares for the rocks and I tend to the fish.

20 Long with 2 Fluval external breeding boxes.


 Box on left has 27'ish each 21+ day old fry, 5'ish red cherry shrimp, some rams horn snails, and one very young guppy (netted on accident and just left it in there).

Box on the right has 1 & 2 day old eggs, pepper and albino cory.

Here is a description and short video of the breeding events.

Watch closely at about 10 seconds and you will see the female release 3 eggs.


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Mekong River Puffer (pao Palustris ) 75 gallon tank with (90% sure) my fist 6 F1 fry in the breeder box.  6 adults, 4 flower pot caves, an array of COOP plants,  a clay pipe 6" wide, 6 pieces of driftwood, variatus platy breeding colony and victorae mouthbrooder breeding colony. Two box filters, a 300 watt fluval pro heater 77 degrees filters, pool filter sand substrate, a few chunks of coral and some clam shells to buffer. Dircet sunlight for 1 hour in summer. The puffer fry seemed to hatch out sneak out / leave the cave and congregate on the sunny side of the tank. More of a give them food, caves, and microfauna to eat and let them do their thing setup.20210712_125205.jpg.bf175adfc9950d943fcc9ed7109ad78d.jpg




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Hello! I have been breeding platinum dumbo red mosaic guppies for a year in this large plastic flower pot-turned mini-pond. What began as a summer tub on my balcony became an indoor pond once summer ended. I replaced my dying emergent pond plants with pothos cuttings and a peace lily, which has taken over (see photos below). I usually keep 2-3 males and 3-4 females, fry are removed every month. All of them enjoy the highly planted environment - taiwan lily, water wisteria, various anubias and java ferns, and lots of floaters.  I have USB aeration for about 3 hours a day + weekly water changes (although the plants keep water quality excellent). Here are my photos...

Winter 2020.jpg

Video still.PNG

Video still feeding frozen food.jpg

May 2021.jpg

June 2021.jpg

PS. As you can see, I've had to expand my indoor mini-ponds set up this summer to test my success with a new group of breeders as well as give more space to my platinum miyuki medaka. I am trying indoors as my balcony gets very hot over the summer and evaporation gets ridiculous. Excuse the mess of wires in the final photo 😬

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This was a tough one to decide which tank.  I am just finalizing my new "fish room" and last night was crazy for breeding activity.

I decided to go with my Neolamprologus Brichardi tank.  The tank is a 33 long, pool filter sand and crushed coral for a substrate, escargot shells, ceramic caves, a random Kong shell , and rock for décor/breeding space.  Target temp is 77-79 degrees and I have buffered the water for KH and PH (8.5-9) to match their native Lake Tanganyika.  As you can see, I have two sizes of fry.  The largest fry I first noticed free swimming on May 18th maybe 50 free swimmers, this second, much larger batch with 100+ were free swimming just a week after moving and completely rescaping and buffering the water on the 4th of July +-.  The tank is fed twice daily with a rotation of spirulina flakes, BBS and COOP easy fry.

Brichardi are known for their community raising of generations of fry.  The level of aggression in this tank is actually much less than a number of other Lake Tanganyika species only tanks I have set up.





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Here is my 38 gal. tank that started as a colder water growout tank and has evolved into a permanent home for primarily for breeding guppies but also paleatus corys, and mystery snails.  The guppy colony started with 10 adults with some fry and now includes hundreds of fish spread out over 3 tanks and an outdoor tub.  The paleatus corys started with 7 corys and fry and are now up to over 30 corys in 2 tanks.  They are not currently spawning but have spawned in this tank.  I don't know how many snails are in the tank, but I started with 3 and the population is self-sustaining.  The main feature of this tank is the thick floating carpet of Waterspite that takes up the upper third of the tank and provides a microhabitat for the guppy fry as well as a place for the females to hide after giving birth.

The tank has been setup for about 9 months not counting the recent replacement of the 38 gal tank (I have posted on this tank several times previously).  The tank is filtered with the Watersprite, a med. sponge filter and an Eheim 2213 canister filter with a small pre-filter sponge.  Lighting is natural light from a north facing window and a Fluval 2.0 running 10 hrs/day, temp. is 70-72 deg.  The only other fish in the aquarium are a few albino Bristlenose pleco growouts.  Additional plants are Jungle Val,, dwarf sag, and Marimo Moss Balls.  I have tried other stem plants but the Watersprite just out competes them all so I just went with the Watersprite.  Substrate is 2.5"-3" of inert sand.


There are guppy fry everywhere you look in this tank including the canister filter.


This is what the Watersprite looked like before I replaced the tank and established an outdoor tub and a 10 QT tank with it.


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