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Hello from Florida

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Hi! I’m Cherie. I’ve been in the hobby since I was 10. I have a raging case of MTS and can already see I want more. 

I have a 50g with Rainbows, Red Phantom Tetras, nerites, and Roseline sharks 

My 20 long has a female betta, lamb chop rasboras, a nerite, and panda corys

My 20 tall is a new setup with bamboo and cherry shrimp, nerite and rabbit snails and soon will have P. luminatus 

My 12g Fluval Edge is where the lumis are getting busy

My 6 gallon Fluval Edge has a few blue shrimp and I’m looking to revamp it. 

Planning to breed the lumis and then my Red Phantom Tetras. Looking to add a BN to the 20 tall. 

I’m so excited to join the forum. I’ve learned a ton from Cory 😁






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