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  1. That's is a nice grow out tank...how much longer until the EBA have till they are sellable?
  2. Like I have said ....everyday I try to learn something new....Its 10:00 am and I have learned something new thanks to @Fish Folk once again. My saltwater years had conditioned me to know Phosphate=Bad , I never even thought to look what their effects were in freshwater. Thank you!
  3. WOW.....That sounds like a nightmare! I don't do any of that!!! I have 2 sets of hoses with ends on them. When its time to clean....I take the dirty ones off and install clean ones. take the dirty ones outside drain them and spray them out with the hose and soak them in a bleach solution over night....next day rinse them thoroughly and hang to dry and wait to be switched back out. If I had to do what you just described I would not have a cannister filter. I applaud you and your tenacity!
  4. @Odd Duck WOW you have a true gift for setting up a beautifuly scaped aquarium. I admire the thoughtfulness you put into them not only in your viewing pleasure but the fishes life experience. I just setup a 20 gallon high tank with 5 itsy bitsy pea's in it. Somebody here referred to them as "Murder Beans" now every time I look at them I think that and just laugh. I have them with lots of plants and wood. Actually I need to put in more plants...lol They have tons of snails and I put in BBS twice a day and it is so funny watching them pick off the BBS like they are stalking them. They have become one of my favorites.
  5. I am so sorry...I am pretty sure I was the one who well didnt derail the thread...I am pretty sure I blew the tracks up!💥
  6. DO you have a well on your property you can draw from. That's what I do. If not...your stuck using what you have and it would be either a water filter (not necessarily R/O) to remove the phosphate or use a phosphate removing resin. Maybe somebody else will have a better solution.
  7. Well....I desperately try to learn something new every day....you all have taught me something new. I doubt I would ever partake in it for my own personal reasons and respect everybody elses choice. My mind is definitely blown!
  8. Thats a very good point. I have ceramic tile so never a need for that worry and my fish room is solid concrete floor.
  9. I like good looking fish but to go out of ones way to paint/dye/tattoo/laser etch and whatever other outlandish method they use to make the fish not what they are supposed to be is just plain wrong. I know "selective breeding" is a minor form of genetic manipulation but that is as far as I am willing to go. Breeding 2 pretty guppies together to make more pretty guppies is one thing. Taking them out for cosmetic surgery is quite another!
  10. Ok I could see that.....we couldn't do that here without sealing the wood first....a lot of bugs here to worry about!
  11. I usually take the trimmings from say water sprite or wisteria and flot those in other tanks or in my outdoor pond. if I can use the trimmings in other tanks I add to those. 99 percent of the time...nothing that is left is worth anything and goes into the vegetable garden for compost. I have never seen one root and start growing....although if it did I would probably water it and feed it and start selling it on the internet.
  12. I feed my shrimp and mystery snails that are in the smae tank and they all come running for the food but my Nerrite never does. He just keeps on plugging away.
  13. What do you have?!?!? A swimming pool your converting into a pond?!?
  14. Well if I may be honest...The first thing I would change is its location....I think it would look much much better ....IN MY HOUSE!
  15. I ve never tried it myself....so I dont know the experience...but if @Guppysnailhas an entire garden of it....well then might be something I have to look into!
  16. I try to discourage the fish from having relationships....it always starts out great they all love one another...then someone turns butt head and the whole group becomes unstable...now I wouldnt normally think much of it but the "relationship" counselor bills start to add up and all it is is constant... "he swam in my area" ..."he took my food" ..."she likes his fins better"...."that slut spawned with my man now I have to raise her fry" Constant bickering🙄
  17. EEEEEESH.....ok spread all over the house....that will make it a bit more difficult. I would go to HD and go to their outdoor section and you will see outdoor door mats in diff sizes. They are made to get water on them ....for the wood you want ones that dont let the water touch the wood so rubber....almost like a Weathertec you use in your car.
  18. As much as I screw around on here and am a bit of a Smart A$$....but if I came and visited and saw that scenery...you would have a permanent roomate! The good news is I would have to build you a bigger fish room though!
  19. Pot works on fish?.....How is that done? 😂
  20. OMG...THE HORROR😱 What most people dont know is having those blocks just a bit off like you have will cause the distributed weight to be off center. By keeping it that way you are causing an imbalance. In about a quadzillion years the Earth may spin off into the sun because of it.....Or maybe not🤷‍♂️
  21. Where is this rack located in the house?
  22. That is awesome...LOL If I get to do the 150 gal display in my living room like I want to....I want to get a bunch of different Nerites ….once I grow a poop ton of algae and biofilm that is...LOL Amazing how they don't take to supplemental feeding like other snails do!
  23. Wow those are small…mine are a tad bit bigger than a nickel
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