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  1. I had the same issue some months back. I diagnosed it as hole in the head. And treated the tank out of paranoia. I did a treatment as it calls for it, as far as dosing goes. But I did the Cory and treated the tanks once and see where I was in 3-5 day did a 30-4o% water change and dosed again. It cleared it up. Only thing I wish I would have done was put him in another tank to medicate. But I guess it was a bath for the others just in case. It will turn your tank cloudy for a day or two then goes away. I tested the whole time and the levels stayed safe. gabe pasada from wattley suggests to add metro or praclense to the food every three months or so for a precaution to keep parasites down in the fish. Especially if you feed blood worms idk. Seems like a good idea. I guess he does know what he’s talking about lol. Good luck.
  2. Do you also do the dose on day 3 ??
  3. Thanks I was starting panic mode lol. Appreciate the insight.
  4. Hello all. It been awhile. I been so busy lately. But still tanking. I have discus tank that has three larger discus. One was getting razor head and I found white poop ,so decided to drop paraclease and it says not pose to Cloud the water ? Well I dosed last night around 9 this morning around 12 hours later I have a little cloudiness. Fish acting fine breathing fine. Lots of air going in and power head moving water any guess friends ???? Wait it out ?need to do another treatment tomorrow kinda sacred now Ph 6.5 usually 6.8 Nitrate 0 nitrites 0 ammonia 0
  5. So did a couple things. I haven’t been on the forum for awhile just been so busy. Been doing most of my tank maintenance around 11-12 at night. i been working at my LFS because he needed help so why not. I bought a tiger Oscar that wil go in with my bichir once the Oscar is bigger. As been working on some spawning mops. For my Columbian tetras and bought some marble to start spawning my leopard danios. Things are good. Hope all is well with everyone.
  6. I wish mine were growing like that. Your doing good man. Mine all good eat well just growing ultra slow. So I have decided to not to focus on that and just keep them healthy and they grow as they grow. Cause it could drive a person crazy.
  7. Just did a feed for everyone. Now that I’m somewhat successful at some tetra and pleco breeding I have to build a new grow out area with a brine station. Wasn’t really prepared for it to kick off like this but even my wife is excited and told me to get building a grow area in the other empty room we have. Ah ok! I’ll start with 4 , 20 talls and see where that gets me. Can’t wait to take some pics and share with you guys. I guess I should say the fish I’m going to start breeding are Columbian Terra’s , bueno Aires tetras, leopard danios and of course my super reds and browns plecos. i even have some really nice white clouds I’m thinking about. I’m excited.
  8. Well today I succeeded with my Columbian tetras. Finally!!
  9. Water changes are 40_50% every 2-3 days. And food is krill flake, brine , bloodworms and beef heart 3 times a day or more and more in the weekends. nitrates 0, nitrites 0, ph 7.5 i did some reading and it seems like they want you to keep 2.5 ones in a smaller (20)tanks untill they reach 4.5” then they say go to(30) until 6” idk thinking about putting them in a smaller tank for a bit. Like i said idk what to do. Also I hope your discus get better and stay better soon.
  10. Any growth with your discus? I’m at a loss. I don’t know what more I need to do I can not grown them out. One has gotten fairly big if the others were there I would be beyond happy. I now one is stunted for sure. But the others seem ok. Just not getting very big. Hate to start monkeying with things but I’m afraid I’m gonna have to to start to try other things.
  11. That’s the fun isn’t it. Coming up with something. Brainstorming. Love it. Good luck
  12. Moved around a bunch of fish to make room for my new fish. First time owner of a Endlicheri Bicher he’s only about 10”. But he amazing. So glad I found him. Also moved jag synodontis he's liking his temporary dig until I can put him in another bigger tank. Good times.
  13. I love it, a true hobbyist . Always finding a way to get it done. I guess that’s some of the beauty of what we do. Always trying to make it work. Good luck.
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