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  1. Colu I have Fritz Maracyn and ParaCleanse is there a use for this mixed in Food I don’t have any KanaPlex or focus yet it’s on order
  2. Just trying to tear diagnose them correctly for treatment. Th e one fish cleared up with Ich x. I was told it looked like Epistylis trying to make good choices of meds B
  3. Two different fish the one that looks good looked like the other one 4 days ago I’ve been treating with Ich x and that one cleared up Do you all still think it’s epystilis?
  4. Bradley

    Velvet or Ich

    T ya hanks to all of you why a great forum
  5. Bradley

    Velvet or Ich

    Thank you will have to get some kanaPlex . That is new to me not the same as general cure?
  6. Bradley

    Velvet or Ich

    It sure is a lot of coverage
  7. Bradley

    Velvet or Ich

    Is it ok to use salt with Ich x ? These are two different fish
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