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Paracleanse cloudy tank


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Hello all. It been awhile. I been so busy lately. But still tanking. I have discus tank that has three larger discus. One was getting razor head and I found white poop ,so decided to drop paraclease and it says not pose to Cloud the water ? Well I dosed last night around 9 this morning around 12 hours later I have a little cloudiness. Fish acting fine breathing fine. Lots of air going in and power head moving water any guess friends ????  Wait it out ?need to do another treatment tomorrow kinda sacred now 
Ph 6.5  usually 6.8

Nitrate 0

nitrites 0 

ammonia 0 

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On 4/22/2023 at 12:18 PM, Jurrian Hering said:

Every time I dose Para cleanse, I get the exact same thing. The next day it gets super cloudy, then over the next day or two it clears up. I always wait it out and it seems harmless. Seems to work as best I can tell. 

Do you also do the dose on day 3 ?? 

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