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  1. ok so this is my opinion, i breed all kinds of rams and have been doing experiments with tempature. i like to keep them much warmer like at 86-88 degrees farhenhiet. but i have done some experiments with them and found they can go down to 76 with no problem, i have even done fry that were 2 weeks old at that temp and found no problems with it. now they will act alot slower than normal but other than that no problem. hope this helps!!!
  2. sorry just now seeing this, ive been really busy with school and my own breeding projects. I hope that i was able to help you and that it worked just fine.
  3. i have a central air system using the linear piston pump from Aquarium Co-Op, its definately oversized but i have installed a few bleed valves. I was using pond pumps but they were to loud and didnt put out enough air.
  4. I have 11 ten gallons and I know they are small, but im working with the space thats in my bedroom.I feel like the ten gallon is an underated size, especially on more experienced hobbyst. Im breeding GBR,GR,EBR,and BRs. I also have done apistos,red eye tetras,and white clouds. I do have 4 29s that i use for growout, so i would have to go with a ten as my fav size as of now.
  5. i would use fenbendozole. Take one packet, which is like 40 grams or so and mix it with ten ounces of dechlorinated water and use one ounce of that solution per ten gallons. I have used this method several times to treat parasites and never lost a plant, fish, or snail. I dont have any shrimp so i dont know about that one. It always works for me. Also leave the meds in for 3 days do a 75% water change and dose again if neccasary. Hope this helps!!!
  6. thanks, my Ph out the tap is 6.25 or lower, i havae three blackwater tanks,1 cold water and like 5-6 warm tanks and it does seem to do better in the coldwater tank but that might be because it has alot of flow. Thanks for all your suggestions!!!!
  7. I agree with Cory, I just leave the mulm in and i put some type of food in it every other day or so so the benificial bacteria has something to eat,so the bacteria count doesent die off and cant support the fish i put into them.
  8. It gets covered in mulm or debris most of the time then i clean it off and it still grows but just super slow. Do you think that has something to do with heat? I have had plants in coldwater tanks with no lights for weeks and they still grow. Since it is a breeding set up for rams I keep the breeding tanks at 84-86F and I keep the growout at 86-88, it tends to grow the fry faster because it speeds their metabolism up so they can eat more, but you have to keep up on water changes though.
  9. I only use sponge filters right now because running 16 tanks with HOBs can be a bit much for me. But I did have a planted 29 gallon and i had the Penguin 50 i want to say, work great for a while then it started to get really loud, then i switched to the Aquaclear 50 and I loved it. I love the design , its really quiet and it pulls a lot of debris out the tank. I used two of the sponges it came with and the ceramic bio media and just squeezed the sponges out every few weeks or so. Hope this helps!
  10. I have pencil fish myself and think they are really pretty fish for lack of vibrant blues and other colors you see from other fish. If it is constipation causing the swim bladder disorder and if the peas arent working, try using live baby brine shrimp, its a good laxative, its really small so they have no problems eating it,and most fish love live BBS I feed it everyday to my pencil fish. Really hope this helps!!! -fishnerd
  11. Wow!!!! Love your plants!!! Most my tanks are barebottom due to ease of cleaning when growing fry out so I love seeing other peoples planted tanks.
  12. My water comes out the tap at about 6.25 so I keep a lot of South and Central American cichlids and other tetra species, but for your 29 gallon I personally would go with some guppies, nothing fancy just some ordinary mutt guppies, throw some guppy grass or some other type of floating plant in there and start a colony of guppies. When the colony gets too big, scoop some out and see if your LFS would buy them and then you would have some money to put back into your tanks and possibly upgrade. But thats just my opinion so ultimately its totally up to you. Have fun setting up your new tank!!!! -fishnerd
  13. I have a breeding setup for German blue rams, gold rams, electric blue rams and bolivian rams. I have Java Moss in all the breeding setups and fry grow out tanks, but its not really grown much and I have had most of the moss for about 8 months. I am using cheap lights to light the tanks so that might have something to do with it. I was just wondering if anyone could help me out. Thanks!
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