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  1. Hello! I’ve had a my planted tank set up for about a month now and everything seemed to be going fine until this. I’m not sure what it is or if it’s dangerous. All of my water parameters are within the range they’re supposed to be and I run a weak light for 12 hours a day. Is anyone able to identify this and help me get rid of it?
  2. How do I attach a bunch of java moss to a log?, it’s super messy
  3. I was trying to figure out a way if I ever wanted to move the moss it would be easy. The moss I had before I’ve tied down to rocks or drift wood, if I wanted some for a breeder box or whatever I would have to basically just tear some off. The problem with this it would always loosen the entire patch and eventually scatter throughout my aquariums. Not saying this is an original idea I’m not really sure, I haven’t seen anyone doing this and I did no research except thinking it through. I was gonna use fishing sinkers but had none on hand but found some bio ringspulled a 12”ish piece of fishing line through. Then added a ball of moss on top. Making about 5” left on each side.then cut one of the extra lines off. Leaving a piece to place it into the tank.then I can either cut the other line or leave it so I can remove easier in the future. I think I will need to rotate or move piece every so often so moss doesn’t attach. Then when I’m done using piece for whatever reason I can replace in original position.this next pic is of the first piece I placed after around 10 minutes.Also will need to keep trimed to a manageable size or retie as it grows. I’m liking it in theory and unless someone knows why it would be to messy or something I guess time will tell. how do you keep moss from falling apart especially when needing pieces in other places?
  4. I removed the metal and string from the Java moss and it all fell apart. Am I supposed to leave it all together?lol
  5. Hi, I had an Idea yo grow Java moss on a sponge filter intake tube were there is low light. Any tips! What’s you opinion?
  6. I set up my new 45 gallon planted tank on Thursday when my plants came in. So far they look good except for my dwarf lily bulb which is still floating more than 60 hours later, and not it looks like my Java Moss might be turning brown. I am doing a fishless cycle. Should I be concerned about the moss or will it be OK once the water parameters are good? Yesterday afternoon they were. PH- 7.6 Ammonia 2 Nitrites 0 Nitrates 5 KH 50 GH 50 Water temp is 79.3 and I am using the Fluval 3.0 plant light. Set on the Auto, Sunrise 2 hours daylight 8 hours sunset 2 hours moon light 4 hours. I am using the easy fertilizer and tabs in the plants in the gravel. Last time I put the easy green in was thursday because the bottle says to use once a week... I am new to this so any advice would be appreciated.
  7. I am going to be purchasing Java Moss from Aquarium Co-Op and just wanted to know if the mesh can easily be removed without damaging the plant?? Would I use the super gel glue to attach it or is wire better??
  8. What has happened to my Java Moss? Its green, but thinned and sad looking. Tank occupants are ember tetras, cherry shrimp, and some stupid scuds. Any idea what could have caused this?
  9. Hey everyone! I'm planning out a tank right now where I will be breeding live bearers. With that being said I want a plant that can provide cover for the fry. Do you think Floating Java Moss is a good choice for that? I am also planning on using dwarf sagitteria but I think I'm buying that in tissue culture so it will be quite small for the first few months. I wanted to do hornwort, but I cant find that anywhere. Not even from a local hobyist.
  10. Figured out the picture issue,,, Ok the brown spots on top the structures are the pieces of java moss I glued using the coop glue stuff. I got two of the screen setups and cut those in two and removed from the screens. It has been 3 weeks at least and all I see are just small attempt by the moss to grow. h* is about 7.8. I did purchase some crushed coral but then saw my ph ok for most of my communal fish. Gourami, lyre fishtail, corys, siamese algae eaters, guppies and platys. My question is will the moss grow from the brown, did cutting it up in smaller pieces cause this? I can grow plants but this moss is killing me. The other stuff on the structures is some moss I converted from growing outside to my tank. But the big brown spots are the JM. Help? PS I have been using the grow green.
  11. I was wondering, how fast does Java Moss grow when floating? Under the right conditions can it be consiered a weed?
  12. I superglued some Java moss to my driftwood a few months ago. So far, it looks like it’s done exactly 0 anchoring on its own. I thought I just needed to get it started and it would do the rest, but maybe that was wishful thinking. If I tie it down, will it anchor itself on the wood? Or will it need to be tied down for life? Either way is fine, it will just change what thread I use. I originally had Christmas moss in this spot but then read somewhere that Christmas moss doesn’t really anchor, which is why I switched to Java. This is what it looks like after I just cleaned it. 🙈 Soiled tank + really poor cap + loaches = dirt all the time.
  13. I saw this interesting plant floating around in a tank at my LFS. I asked them what it was and they thought it was Java Moss, but I highly doubt that since I have Java moss at home and it does not look like this. I was thinking it is a type of Fissidens moss. Could I get some help IDing this plant?
  14. My java moss is always just a junky clump...full of baby shrimp, fish, snails & food. I've tried compressing it into decor, but it doesn't grow well. I've tied it to decor & that works until it gets too big & makes the stick float. I just don't like the floating messy glob! But it's vital for all the babies. Do you have a clever way of keeping it tidy & anchored? I'd love some tips!
  15. I am trying to grow Java moss for profit is sunlight mason jars. I decided to put a rams horn snail in one to see if that helps. This could be a terrible idea and end up in a mess of algae, but I decided to give it a try. Let me know your thoughts about this please. I will try to give weekly updates. Merry Christmas!
  16. I was wondering what everyone uses to make mats for mosses to cling to. I check the coop website to see if they sold mats and sadly they don’t or I didn’t see it please correct me if I’m wrong. (probably not worth the cost unless it was a kit that could attach to the sides, bottom, and tank lip) So wise fish people what mesh do y’all use to keep your unruly moss in check? I was thinking about window screen mesh but I don’t know if it would rust or not.
  17. I setup a 40 gallon breeder in August with a clump of java moss and some potted sagittaria. The java moss doubled in size but over the past two months I have noticed large sections of brown with new growth in random places. I have a Planted 3.0 running 14 hours a day at full power. Last week I reduced it to 8 hours at 60%. There is also a bit of green hair algae in it. Hopefully that will be reduced with the new light schedule. If you have any recommendations please let me know. I can provide more info as well.
  18. I put the snails in yesterday. There's bladder, trapdoor, mystery, ramshorn, and trumpet snails. Could this be eggs or is this something up with the java moss?
  19. Hello, In my community tank my Java Moss tends to get covered in mulm. ( I gravel vac the open areas but tend to stay away from the planted area) The java moss tends to be attached to the base of the Anubias (havent seen any negatives to this some of the anubias have actually started blooming which I didnt know was a thing and has probably been surrounded by the moss for a year, I have recently started blasting co2 so my growth has been good on the plants) Is there anyway to clean the java moss? I have recently added ghost shrimp (ten and i can still find all ten) to see if they would help but its only been a week and they are still hiding in the amazon swords so no change with them yet. I had 17 mystery snails in the tank before (friends wanted them so I gave them away) and they never really cleaned anything honestly. So any recommendations on how to clean my java moss? (i have a 5 inch rainbow shark thats not super aggressive but bullies anything larger than itself) tank is a 55 gallon.
  20. @Cory I came across a video where you were talking about wanting local folks to sell you Java moss but they were never prepared to sell an amount equal to the demand there is for it. For selling, would you be looking for a bags of a certain number of pounds of bulk Java moss, or would you be looking a certain number of Java moss that’s already sewn on to 2.75 x 2.75” mesh? And is there a minimum amount you’re looking for on a regular basis? Sorry if you answered this already—I was drifting off to sleep and just remember you generally talking about looking for Java moss. Also, I was able to finally visit the Co-op in-person! Picked up the last of the Pygmy Corys. Customer service was so warm and friendly and it was a breath of fresh air 🙂
  21. I just received some plants from Aquarium Co-Op, and I tried to time it out for when my tank would be ready for them, but I had some mishaps and won't be able to put the plants in for about another week. Is this setup OK for the interim (water is dechlorinated and lightly dosed with some liquid fertilizer)? Any other/better suggestions? Plants are just some Java Moss and Monte Carlo. Thanks!!
  22. How to remove hair algae from Java moss. any suggestions / videos
  23. Hi guys, I was just wondering if anyone would be able to tell me how to get this moss green again? Other plants seem to be doing well. I want to add all but the moss is from aquarium co-op 🙂 I dose Easy Green (1 pump twice a week), Aquavitro Envy (2.5 mL every 3 days), Seachem Advance (2.5 mL every 3 days), Calcium (2 mL every 3 days), Excel (daily, increase from 1.5 mL- 2.5mL by raising .5 mL every 2 days, 30% water change on day 7). Equilibrium with each water change. Medium lighting (NICREW Planted). Thank you for the time and help, anything at all would be much appreciated!
  24. I have a breeding setup for German blue rams, gold rams, electric blue rams and bolivian rams. I have Java Moss in all the breeding setups and fry grow out tanks, but its not really grown much and I have had most of the moss for about 8 months. I am using cheap lights to light the tanks so that might have something to do with it. I was just wondering if anyone could help me out. Thanks!
  25. I have quite a bit of extra Java moss and other plant trimmings I don't want to throw away. If a local store or hobbyist wanted to buy some is there a dip I should do to get rid of any possible snails or algae. I wouldn't want anyone upset if something were accidentally introduced....
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