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  1. My water comes out of the tap at about 7.4 here in lk Forest pk.
  2. Unfortunately the picture isn’t showing for me but I do enjoy the look of emperor tetras. I just figured they need a little more space?
  3. Hello!! Here’s my tank. I’m looking for some exciting stocking ideas that aren’t livebearers because I have those coming out my ears! Tank is a 29 gallon. Filtered by a medium sponge (thanks to the coop) and a Fluval 207 with two full trays of seachem matrix. The light on top is a fluval plant 3.0.
  4. Hello all! I am Aubrey and I have been in the hobby for just about 2 years now. I have learned so much from you guys in the community as well as dozens of YouTube pages and forums. I was logging nearly 60 hours of screen time a week just learning about fish for the first 6 months and now I’m a much more casual browser. I prefer the hands on method! I have 3 well established and 1 new and healthy tanks all with nano fish. They range in size from 3 gallons to 29 gallons. I want to learn hopefully from this forum how I can offload some of my guppies either to local people or by shipping if anyone has some insight I’m all ears! I’d like to say I’ve had great success with keeping and breeding guppies. I also have a betta, chili rasboras, kubotai rasboras and habrosus Corydoras. I’m always looking for something new and currently need something to stock my new 29 gallon so also feel free to share any ideas there! Looking forward to getting to know you guys and if you took the time to read all this boring crap, thank you and happy fish keeping! -Aubrey
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