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Found 9 results

  1. Hey all! I am a marine biologist located in the Seattle area. Interestingly enough, I worked briefly with Cory way back when, when he first started up aquarium co-op to advertise his business stealthily at an undisclosed national petstore chain while I was in college. I do not currently own an aquarium, but intend to hover the forum and help biology and chemistry related questions. I am a huge fan of biotope aquariums and I use to establish tanks and sumps and sell them. I am going to try to breed dragonfly/damselfly larvae as feeders for large fish. I will post tech articles on this when I get some trial and error under my belt In college I had a 55 gallon long tank with an eclectic mix of rejects that I adopted from said undisclosed national petstore chain customers. It housed a 6" gold siamese algae eater, 5" gold bristlenose pleco (m), 5 gold gouramis, a 4" convict cichlid, and an unidentified 2" sunfish. That tank was bursting with personality. The algae eater and pleco hated eachother and stayed in opposite caves on each side of the tank. The pleco would hoard hikari algae wafers in his cave and the algae eater would have to bravely try to steal them over to his cave. The convict cichlid was an absolute puppy who just wanted to be friends with everyone. He was actually the only surviving fry of about 10 that I grabbed to feed the sunfish. So he started life in my tank as a 2mm babe and within a year hit 4". When I graduated college I gave away these fish to a wonderful family who were putting them into a 250 gallon community tank.
  2. Hi there fish friends! Im Pearl, I'm a Seattle native. I've been keeping aquaria on and off for the last 20 years or so, though for the last 8 years I've been keeping bettas consistently. This year I've been branching out and have started keeping shrimp and some cool water species. Im excited to learn more with y'all and maybe help some newer folks too! Here's a candid shot of my newish dirted subtropical 55 gal, with 3 dojo loaches, 8 gold barbs as well as a variety of snails. I made a riparium planter out of egg crate diffuser you can kinda see in this shot on the top left of the tank, thats full of happy pothos and a monstera that refuses to grow.
  3. Hello everyone! I am excited to have found this forum! My name is Jose and I live in Seattle. I started in the hobby about 10 years ago. Back then really got into it, but I had to move around for a while and had to put the hobby on stand-by until I got into a more settled down and found a bigger place. The biggest tank I've had until now was a 29 gallon, but I just got hold of a 40 gallon breeder, and I´m very excited with the project! It´s going to be planted community tank with South American fish. I´m thinking a pair of dwarf cichlids, small schools of corys and tetras, and one or two ancistrus. I've never had angelfish, so I'm thinking that maybe I could add them instead of the dwarf cichlids. Anyone here keeping angelfish in a 40 breeder? Anyhow, I´m just happy that I found the forum, and hope to be an active member; it really feels like a community here! Cheers PS Everybody loves pictures, so I´ll add some of my old aquariums. More to come when I get the 40 gallon up and running!
  4. Hey guys, Was wondering if anyone has suggestions as far as livebearer species I could breed in a 10 gallon to sell to a local store. There are so many strains to choose from I just can't decide! Not sure if makes more sense to breed a group of assorted Platies or guppies or go for a more specific strain. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hi, My name is Edward and I keep and breed a few kinds of cichlids, livebearers, shrimp, and snails. Here's a few of my favorite tanks.
  6. Hi all! This is exciting. I haven't posted to a forum in years! I live in a suburb of Seattle (Not far from Aquarium Co-op). Despite a Biology degree and a childhood desire to be a marine biologist, I didn't get into fish keeping until my husband gifted me with a 29 gallon tank for my birthday many years ago. I happily kept a variety of freshwater fish for the next 5 or so years. But then we moved and I had a baby so got out of the hobby. I've dabbled via my son's 10 gallon betta tank and seriously got back into it a couple years ago with a 40 gallon tank when a friend of mine gifted me some fish when he had to move. Unfortunately, while the 10 gallon survived an extended power outage, the 40 gallon tank didn't. Now that the baby is 11 and has his own dreams of becoming a biologist we've had a lot of fun collaborating on resurrecting the 40 gallon. He has plans for his own bristlenose breeding project that we should be starting early next month. It's been a lot of fun watching him research and discussing various aspects of fish keeping with him. We've spent hours watching Aquarium Co-op videos (he's a big fan of Girl Talks Fish too!) I don't have any great pictures of the tank. This one is pretty terrible. The tank is still very new. Those plants have been in there less than a week. I'll try to post something better later.
  7. Hi!I When I was 10 I wanted a 10 gallon tank full of guppies and live plants for my birthday. Naturally, my father bought a 55 gallon and filled it with rocks and African chiclids. I was allowed to name ONE, and wasn't even allowed to feed them. Then he got bored and sold it a year later while I was at school. I have had a few tanks on and off over the years, mostly for children or husbands or boyfriends--they chose the fish and bought the tank, I kept them alive. This year, alone and bored, a friend who was moving rehomed a aquascaped planted tank with me that was on the verge of crashing. I rescued it...and kind of went nuts. I have 3 small planted tanks set up, with snails, red cherry shrimp, a few fish, a 29 gallon cycling, and 2 10 gallon quarantine (haha) tanks that will be repurposed into guppy grow outs eventually. Busy gleefully imagining my stocking list for the 29g. Let's see how many tanks I can cram into a tiny apartment... Thanks, Cory for helping me get connected--no fellow fish nerds in my local circle, but I am within driving distance of Aquarium Co-op!
  8. Hello all! I am Aubrey and I have been in the hobby for just about 2 years now. I have learned so much from you guys in the community as well as dozens of YouTube pages and forums. I was logging nearly 60 hours of screen time a week just learning about fish for the first 6 months and now I’m a much more casual browser. I prefer the hands on method! I have 3 well established and 1 new and healthy tanks all with nano fish. They range in size from 3 gallons to 29 gallons. I want to learn hopefully from this forum how I can offload some of my guppies either to local people or by shipping if anyone has some insight I’m all ears! I’d like to say I’ve had great success with keeping and breeding guppies. I also have a betta, chili rasboras, kubotai rasboras and habrosus Corydoras. I’m always looking for something new and currently need something to stock my new 29 gallon so also feel free to share any ideas there! Looking forward to getting to know you guys and if you took the time to read all this boring crap, thank you and happy fish keeping! -Aubrey
  9. Hello everyone. I'm August. I've been keeping fish for about 13 years since I was 5 years old. I currently have 11 tanks and a mini pond. My favorite fish is the German Blue Ram and I've had moderate success breeding them. I have been having issues with getting all female offspring, but I can't complain. I also have some very beautiful Phillipine Blue angels. I am moving to Seattle in the next month so I'm going to have to consolidate tanks quickly. I'm probably going to get it down to 3 tanks with my 40 breeder, a 20 high, and a 15. My dad will be caring for the tanks while I'm gone so I want to make care as easy as possible for him. I'm considering shipping a few fish like my Phillipine Blue angels, super red bristlenose, and best dark ram pair to Seattle but am not sure if that's worth the hassle. If anyone has thoughts on that I'd be glad to hear some opinions.
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