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  1. One tested my water for specific gravity with a refractometer that I use for my brackish tank. My tap is 1.000. My local fish store keeps a lot of salt in their tanks (3 tbsp/ 5 Gal) and water from their store measures 1.002. Never had any issues with my softened water other than trying to remineralize for a lower ph.
  2. I'm looking into building an african tank also. So i'll add a few of my questions in rather than start a new topic: I know there's various types (like shell dwellers, peacocks, etc..) but everything i see online uses the scientific name and the local stores only have "assorted africans". Wondering how to know what i get and what 'types' of africans can go together. Also are there any that i could have a half dozen or so in a 30 gallon (spare tank right now)
  3. I had two bumblebee gobys (brackish) that I got online. They came in fresh water so I quarantined them in fresh water. Used the med trio preventatively and also added stress guard. They were eating baby brine, thought everything was good. After a week of the preventative med trio I did a 50% water change. A day or two later I notice one was looking a little fuzzy and the other was showing signs of starting. I used Kanaplex and the next day (yesterday) the fuzz on the one seemed to have gotten worse to the point it was having trouble swimming. Woke up this morning to find both dead. Any thoughts or suggestions on what the fuzz is/was? Sorry i don't have any photos of it in tank, but here's a photo of them out of tank. The fuzz stuff is built up and i couldn't get any off with a tooth pick. Looking to figure out what it was an how to treat it in future. Parameters after taking them out of tank tested as Ammonia - 0.25, Nitrite - 0, Nitrate - 20, ph - 7.8, gH - 10, kH - 6
  4. Not sure what my TDS is. I have driftwood in all my tanks, but doesn't seem to affect my ph - even in the tank where it's still leeching tannins out. I have controlsoil in my one tank with co2 and oh three is about 6.6. My other tanks have inert aquarium sand.
  5. I guess part of question is also if I remineralize first will it prevent the upswing or raise ph itself also? Not sure what order I should do things or what I can add directly to tank.
  6. Need help figuring this out - I'm on well water with a water softener. Out of the tap my GH/KH are basically 0. Right from the tap my PH is about 7.5. However after letting water sit/ aerate for a bit my PH goes to 8.2 . I've been having problems keeping some fish that like more acidic water. The only tanks i have that are close to neutral/ below have CO2 injection. I think this may be part of my issue. What can I use to help lower my pH? I'd prefer not to go back to buckets so something I can use with a python while filling would be good. I do use buckets to remove water during water change so i have a rough idea how much I'm removing. The only PH lowering products i've found have directions that discuss how much to dose to remove 1 dKH. Since I have 0 I don't know how much that would drop me. I also need to remineralize and i've purchased a few products to increase GH and/or KH instead of just throwing a wondershell in. Any suggestions from anyone in the same boat? I don't want to/ can't bypass the water softener. TL/DR - Softened well water with PH of 8.2 & GH/KH both 0 - how do I get it neutral and re-mineralized?
  7. Thanks. Ambient temp is 70, maybe gets to 68 at night. Heater seems to only be getting to 76, sitting in blue. I stuck an air stone under it to see if i could get more flow or if that would help
  8. what heater is that? i've been having trouble finding a heater for my ziss hatchery. thanks
  9. Set up a 40 breeder a few days ago using the 300W Fluval E Heater and two of the Hygger double sponge filters (fine sponge). I don't seem to be getting a lot of flow placing the heater next to the sponge filters (never had a problem with a more coarse sponge). Kept getting the low flow alarm on the heater when it was vertical next to a filter. I put the heater at a 45 degree angle now between the two filters and directed the 90 degree filter tube output towards the heater. I don't have the low flow alarm anymore but the tank is struggling to get to temperature. Can't seem to get it above 76F and I want it around 78F. Any suggestions? I want to use these filters since they suction to the back wall and leave me some floor space & i plan on breeding a few things in the tank. Filters aren't dirty since nothing in tank at the moment except substrate and some plants.
  10. Are the capsules the easy root tabs use safe enough if fish/ shrimp/ snails try to eat? I thought I had them pushed down far enough but my shrimp just pulled up a few and now everyone wants a taste. I assume it's like human pills and just a gelatin capsule of some sort...
  11. Thanks. That could be it. My water is very soft. I'll put a wonder shell in and see if it helps
  12. Using fluval plant 3.0 (I think it's 34"). It's a 46 Gal bow front. I've got light intensity turned down a bit cause I was getting algae, but it doesn't seem shady at the base of the stems. Not planted very heavily, so nothing over top blocking light. Current stems have been in maybe a week. Seems like they only last a couple weeks at most
  13. Yes. Using easy green and easy iron as well. Nitrates are around 40-80.
  14. See photos: I seem to have trouble with my Red Temple. Twice now I've tried to get it to grow/ stay alive but the bottoms of the stems keep turning white. Eventually the stem melts away and the plant starts to float. Trimming the melted end and re-planting sometimes ends in the same result. I've got gravel and use root tabs and fluval plant light. What am I doing wrong? Also, the roots from the stems of my ludwigia are super long. Is this normal? What i should i be doing if it's not? They don't seem to be growing taller but the roots keep getting longer. Thanks
  15. I also heard it was the maxi jet 1200 (now made by marineland I think) but went with an aquatop that was cheaper. I went one size up from the aquatop coop sells. Works ok but has some trouble lifting water from bucket in tub to tank on stand causing a lower flow. Gets the job done, but takes a while. I just got a mj1200 (got from Amazon) which from specs should have higher flow at the heights I need. Has a difference size output though so I need to go to store to buy tubing and some adapters to get it hooked to python
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