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Found 11 results

  1. I apologize if this was addressed somewhere else I did a search and couldn't find anything on it. But my co-op Scarlet temple has started melting away. Should I trim away at it or let it go on its own? I inserted the basket into the easy planter with root tabs. I'm also using the easy green/iron. I added some pictures any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. I bought these. Alternanthera Reineckii Rosanervig Red Tissue Culture Buy 2 get one free. I have never used a tissue culture. How do you transition is there anything I need to know? I have also never tried this plant all advice tips tricks suggestions welcome please. Thank you in advance for your time.
  3. I'm hoping someone can identify and add a little advice on some plants
  4. First question. I’m starting to get small patches of hair algae on my plant that are at the top of my tank, no algae anywhere else. What can I do to keep it from spreading? No pics of algae. second question. My alternanthea reineckii is long and stemmy, how can I make it more bushy?
  5. Okay, My local online plant distrubuter has some Alternanthera reineckii Minni and they always seem to have some instock. I've always loved the red it gave off and is defentley a plant I want to try. Soo, I have some questions: Currently all my tanks are low tech and somewhat low light. The only one being maybe on the verge of medium - high light is my 10 gallon. But I want to place the Alternanthera reineckii Minni in my betta tank. I have modified the fluval spec tank to have it dimmed, i found that it just grew algae. Do you think Alternanthera reineckii Minni can do fine in a somewhat low light tank? from what I've read its low light-medium light, thoughts on this? does this plant need co2? I understand it will give off more reds if it does, but for it to grow and be happy do I need co2? Okay now for my other plant questions: Hygrophillia Rosenvaris and Rotala rotundifolia orange juice according to tropica are easy, low light plants that dont require co2, whats your experiance with that? I want these plants to make my current tanks feel more densed. I am thinking the Rotala goes in my betta tank, and the hygrophillia in my 10 gallon. Thoughts?
  6. My 16 gallon is doing well. Val is growing like crazy, Buce is going strong, but the Alternanthera reineckii is melting. A lot of leaves on the surface after coming home from vacation over the weekend. Lots of diatoms (I have a light 50% for 6 hours a day). Should I lower light times and brightness? I can't put in some shrimp and/or otos for about a week so it shouldn't be a problem to keep a couple Ramshorn snails in and a couple pond snails, right? Parameters are all taken care of; 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 20 nitrate.
  7. The first photo is from 4 days ago. The second is from today. My AR has melted back and the floor has a lot of diatoms. Should I do anything or is this the normal progression?
  8. Hello everyone I just wanted to share some pics of my not so mini AR mini! It started as a tissue culture I got from PetSmart before I knew about aquarium co op. I have a lot of it now it’s in all my tanks I’m surprised for such a pink plant how well it grows in all my low tech setups! And looks good! I’ll post a pic of it in my 15gal Fluval flex before and after I trimmed it. I just kept letting it grow to the surface but it got some algae being so close to the light so I hacked it down and just replanted a couple baby plants that were growing off of the main plant! I’m just really happy with this plant in general and I suggest if you want a pop of color to give it a shot! I am about 8 months into keeping live plants and I’m learning so much! Thanks for looking 🙂
  9. Got the initial surge of plants I wanted, a few as pots and tissue culture so wanted to ask some advice of you better then me. Still waiting on a few select plants and weeping moss to finish but here it goes. Cyptocoryne Retrospiralis, out of all 21 plants these ones seemed worse for wear. They (all plants) have only been in their new home for about 36 hours. They have a bit more green now instead of brown and sadness. But my question is what's best way to perk this guy back up ? Monte Carlo, I've read a lot on this plant cause I absolute love the way it looks. But my question is, will it work? Right now they aren't really pushed into the substrate, just resting on top with a rock, bit of glue here and there. Should I try thinning and pushing further in? Or let it do its thing? And pray it takes hold? Alternanthera Reineckii Mini, tissue culture. Everything I've read is hit or miss of them acclimating to the environment, this one I really wanted. So an insight? One is kinda losing some red and turn green a bit so idk if that's a melting trait or what. Haven't added the Java moss, or weeping moss (waiting) might add some more anubias petites. But that's what I'm working with so far.
  10. See photos: I seem to have trouble with my Red Temple. Twice now I've tried to get it to grow/ stay alive but the bottoms of the stems keep turning white. Eventually the stem melts away and the plant starts to float. Trimming the melted end and re-planting sometimes ends in the same result. I've got gravel and use root tabs and fluval plant light. What am I doing wrong? Also, the roots from the stems of my ludwigia are super long. Is this normal? What i should i be doing if it's not? They don't seem to be growing taller but the roots keep getting longer. Thanks
  11. The care info for this plant says that it needs Easy Green and Easy Iron. Will dosing Easy Iron affect any of my other plants? Here's what I currently have: Anubias Nana Petite, Crypt Wendtii Green, Crypt Parva, Rosette Sword, Bacopa Caroliniana, Anubias Frazeri, Crypt Lutea, Banana Plant, Red Dwarf Lily.
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