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Found 3 results

  1. My bumblebee goby tank is going crazy with spawning and I've had 3 batches hatch. Has anyone successfully breed bumblebee gobies?
  2. Hello! I bought 3 bumblebee gobies from my local shop. They were being kept at the store in fresh/soft water and I now have them in my tank that has similar parameters (ph: 7 GH: 6). At the time I got them I asked the shop whether they were ok to keep in freshwater and they said yes that is how they always keep them and they do fine. I have had them for about 2 weeks now and they seem to be doing well (eating frozen foods and very active) I keep feeling uneasy though because from what I have read since that doesn’t seem the best conditions for them? And I don’t want them to just drop dead one day from it or not live out their normal lifespan! But I am also worried if I put them in brackish water that could adversely affect them because they are accustomed to freshwater? What do you all think? I don’t know what the original supplier had them in though. Thanks for your answers in advance!
  3. I had two bumblebee gobys (brackish) that I got online. They came in fresh water so I quarantined them in fresh water. Used the med trio preventatively and also added stress guard. They were eating baby brine, thought everything was good. After a week of the preventative med trio I did a 50% water change. A day or two later I notice one was looking a little fuzzy and the other was showing signs of starting. I used Kanaplex and the next day (yesterday) the fuzz on the one seemed to have gotten worse to the point it was having trouble swimming. Woke up this morning to find both dead. Any thoughts or suggestions on what the fuzz is/was? Sorry i don't have any photos of it in tank, but here's a photo of them out of tank. The fuzz stuff is built up and i couldn't get any off with a tooth pick. Looking to figure out what it was an how to treat it in future. Parameters after taking them out of tank tested as Ammonia - 0.25, Nitrite - 0, Nitrate - 20, ph - 7.8, gH - 10, kH - 6
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