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  1. I use a toothbrush to remove hair algae, just swish it around among the plant stems and leaves, or press loose moss against the glass and brush it carefully. Very satisfying. 😌
  2. Im running a single Tuna Sun on my 15g tall. I have to say its lived up to the advertising. Plants are healthy and less algae compared to tanks with other lamps, same schedule and water conditions. The only problem is it is a spot light. Illuminating a wide tank would be costly.
  3. Thanks for the replies! How do I test for nutrients ? Besides observing plants.
  4. Would there be any advantage to daily dosing of Easy Green? Was thinking of putting a dropper top on the bottle and feeding plants same time I feed fish. I guess the amount would be the weekly dosage divided by 7? I have a small graduated cylinder to initially measure the number of drops that would be. TIA!
  5. I have been seeing a lot of roots shooting out mid stem, from most of my stemmed plants. Ugly white strands in tangled clumps ugh. What causes this and how do I minimize? I assume its due to nutrient deficiency in the substrate. I thought to ask first, before I put more root tabs in. TIA!
  6. died in the night 😔 Tankmates looking ok so far.
  7. Hey can anyone tell me what this poor little Ember Tetra is suffering from?Swollen white splotch. Labored breathing and obvious distress. I have him in quarantine. What should I do to keep his tank mates safe? And what if anything can be done for him? TIA!
  8. top is how i found my aquarium almost a year ago last March, out on the curb. 😯 bottom is now. 😀
  9. i really like my honey gouramis... colorful, peaceful and interesting behaviors. The one on the upper right in the picture is my favorite.
  10. When im not hatching bbs, my go to is Tetra flake food. Fish gobble it up and I used it when i was a kid. Whenever I open the jar, the smell brings back memories. 🙂
  11. Looking for recommendations for powdered food to keep on hand for unexpected fry. I have dwarf gouramis, and some other small fish, that breed but I can't keep the fry alive. In the absence of live foods, I think they just starve to death. I have tried Sera powdered fry food, but no luck. Thinking maybe freeze dried daphnia? TIA! 🙂
  12. Saw this aquarium in a book of 1920s homes. It is suspended in the window of a sunroom. Thought it was interesting.
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