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  1. @DaveSamsell This is perfect! Thank you so much!~ I love learning new things.
  2. @Daniel Thanks. I have had issues with Solar chargers not charging and discharging at the same time, but it would still be better than nothing.
  3. I think I will add USB power banks to my USB air pumps in case of a power outage while gone for the holiday. Anyone else do this?
  4. Time for a cooler (Slightly cooler!) temp waterchange and yummy bloodworm boost to help spawn my Corys! Whoo Hoo! Who's with me?
  5. Hi Daniel - I was thinking of my DIY Floating Plant Corrals that I posted in Plants. I was thinking hardware stuff. Like I saw where someone made a tube holder & dryer for their water testing tubes, and I'd love to do that, too. But maybe there are multiple different designs. Like the shrimp guy in one of Cory's video's used a plastic cup lid to stop the sponge filter from throwing water everywhere. I didn't even know I needed that until I saw him with one! Dean made a floating breeding basket for his pregnant mommas that was AWESOME! Much better than putting them in a small breeder box, and BONUS! the fry can escape into the tank, just the momma's are contained. Stuff that people did that they think that others would find useful. They can list the steps and basic directions and post pictures.
  6. I'm always looking for DIY Projects. Would it be practical to have a forum topic devoted to that?
  7. Pete - Thanks for sharing! The 3/8 size is perfect for aquariums. I could not find a pool noodle to save my life. 2 days after I got the 3/8 backer, Pool Noodles in stock at the dollar store.
  8. So easy, and a rouge container would save money! Biggest expense was the weatherstripping.
  9. I was a serial killer of floating plants until I saw the little corrals and dividers that people used in their tank. I had to make a separate corral for them. My HOB has too much surface agitation. I ordered them off of Amazon, and they were so tiny. I needed bigger. So, after watching Corey's video with Dean's home made floating Breeder Container, I decided that something like this was a better size for floater plants! Off to the Dollar & Home Hardware stores I went! You will need: Box Cutter/Scissors Storage Containers (Dollar Store) Sandpaper (Dollar Store) Nite Ize Gear Tie - 12 inch, or long plant weight (Optional to secure to rim, not needed in my case.) Superglue GEL (Dollar Store) Weatherstriping: The 3/8 was too big. I used 5/8. This one bag made about 7 containers. Lowes: Item #174371 Model #71506 20-ft x 5/8-in Gray Backer Rod Polyethylene Window Weatherstrip. HD: Internet #100165680 Model #71506 Store SKU #803064 5/8 in. x 20 ft. Gray Caulk Backer Rod for Gaps and Joints (You can substitute strips of Pool Noodle for more colors, and to save money, but its more labor intensive.) Directions: I took a dollar tree food container, cut out the bottom. I left them very long on purpose, because I want the long drapey roots. Smooth out any rough edges with Sandpaper Then I superglued the 5/8 inch backer around the rim. I tried to just push it in, like with Deans Basket, but the rim was too shallow and has support beams, so I had to super glue. GEL gives more control. I used liquid and it ran all over. I let it dry for a day, to be safe. I didn't need to secure it to the rim, but if you do, I recommend the Nite Ize Gear Tie - 12 inch. I already had these laying around, I use them to secure filter material to the HOB. Hope this helps!
  10. https://imgur.com/gallery/SM33Q1Q just after I added the meds. A bit perkier here, but prolly won't last too long.
  11. Swapped out RO water in main tank and QT tank. Added erythro , Gen Cure and Kanoplex to both again. Main tank fish are much happier and lively. My QT Cutie is hanging in there.
  12. After water change last night, I just retested and the ammonia is .5. Nitrites and Nitrates are both 0. Ph is 6.5 Just realized my cycle is blown. Heading to LFS to get RO water to do another water change tonight. Assuming high ammonia from all the storms and the biblical flooding in Miami. I have Equilibrium to add to the RO water. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  13. She is moving real slow. I moved her into quarantine and started treating with ICH-X, General Cure, and EM Erythromycin. She was swimming alone, not with the other 6, and just resting. No food for now. Any suggestions would be great. The Cory tank has been cloudy white for 2 weeks. Not clearing up with UV, charcoal pads, or water changes. Water changes will dilute the white for a bit, then back to white. Also started treating the tank, JIC. I want to switch the tank out and put the corys into a different one, as I just got a 20 Long for them. The 29 is too high for me to do Water changes comfortably. Tank only has Cory's and Snails. Just had Cory Fry from the Greens, so was feeding a bit extra. I have green and pygmy cory's and the green just had their first fry. I've seen six babies so far. I'm wondering if I should add salt and peas to the QT tank. https://imgur.com/gallery/jwsoswB https://i.imgur.com/MCsuyqq.mp4
  14. Thanks, everyone! No to the Alum with fishes & snails & shrimps. Only use with plants. I'll look for something else.
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