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  1. Those cichlids are gorgeous! Also I love the scape in my opinion! Cant wait to see what else you have in store for this tank.
  2. As my first spawn are growing out I've been wondering what's the best way to fish these little guys out? They are roughly 3 months old but I am not trying to destroy this tank to catch them all... any tips or tricks to catching 30 1-inch apistogramma fry?
  3. Bleeding black and gold baby!!!! lets go PITTSBURGH STEELERS!!!!!! college I watch the Arizona Wildcats as my alma mater but I like NFL better
  4. Update time! It’s been 2 months since my last update! My first spawn from my apistos are growing out well some are almost sellable size. Giving me a good break from every other day water changes! However they have spawned again with the last week and I have moved momma and the fry into a breeder box. The female apisto was become extremely aggressive to the male and the first batch of fry and it was time for a move. This is the first time I have ever used a breeder box and will be an interesting experience. Without room for additional tanks it was necessary to tone down the in tank aggression. So far the breeder box is a cool way to watch the wrigglers grown but I do worry about their feeding as the last batch fed on micro-organisms inside the tank. I am doing my best to put in some botanicals that have colonies on them. I also moved a sponge I had on the intake that they fed on last time into the box to add a stable food source, hopefully this works out well! All in all very excited to move and add more tanks in the future for more breeding projects!
  5. Here’s my 17 gal apistogramma steel blue pair’s desk top tank
  6. Officially got wrigglers from spawn number 2!
  7. Story of this pair is now on their second clutch!!! But this time I found them before they hatched!
  8. Another post just to show the growth of these guys even over the weekend some have almost doubled!
  9. @Mack I have gotten a spawn of at least 20 fry that have grown up extremely fast! little over a month and they are free swimming and about half and inch showing some color already! first fish too so super exciting all around.
  10. Lots of growth a lot of color starting to show in some of these fry!
  11. I have contracted MTS and have this insatiable urge to get more tanks. I don't have much time before symptoms are present... girlfriend has no idea currently as my one tank has not multiplied. I dont know how much longer I can last when there is an empty vessel in my shed. PLEASE SEND HELP!
  12. Gate keeping is a problem but it often blown out of proportion in my humble opinion. As a new hobbyist that started in march I have not had many bad experiences and often take advice with a grain of salt. I have experience in other exotic pet hobbies as I bred dart frogs in high school and in college. I also made research a large part of my hobby before I even considered setting up a fish tank. I had been curious about fish keeping for 10 years before I owned a fish tank so I might be in the minority of 'new' fish keepers. I think people need to just research before getting into this hobby it would prevent alot of the gate keeping people often observe.
  13. Honestly dry foods were hard for me to get right... 6 months in the hobby I have switched to full frozen and gel foods. love the rapashy line I feed 3 different types once a week and then frozen baby brine shrimp and brine shrimp every day. This has worked for me personally. When I do feed dry, aka when my gf has to take care of the fish, I have her feed a pinch of vibra bites
  14. Late 1 month update! Still counting 20 at a time but easily could be 25-30! They are still in with mom and dad as I do not have room for another tank at my house. Every other day water changes and frozen baby grime shrimp and bow adding spawn and grow rapashy 1x a week! All are looking pretty decent size and healthy
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