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Ivanacara Bimaculata Breeding

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Hey everyone! I got my pair of ivanacara bimaculata about 3-4 weeks ago been wanting these fish for over a year since I laid my eyes in them! These have been a huge part of my hobby I’ve been keeping ivanacara adoketa for over a year but getting the second species has been a dream!!! After keeping them and slowly dropping their PH to 5.2 and boom breeding! 


I’ll keep this thread updated as the fry grow out but I love these fish and am extremely excited to get these growing out and sharing with others! Here’s also a pic of their breeding tank 


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@Beardedbillygoat1975funny you say that! I actually got this pair from him! I know him from Instagram, I was luckily enough to be  crazy about that genus right when he started to share his online and I was always keeping a tank open ready to accept them! they are an amazing fish I can't wait to get these fry growing out and sending them to more breeders!

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