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  1. They do look great !!! I will have to check them out. Nicely colored and once settled they will look amazing !!! How big is your fishtank ??
  2. Thank you Jeff !!! I’ll look into it. I’ve had discus for a few years including 18 juveniles from my pair of Blue Diamonds that are a little over 2 months old now. I’ve gotten my fish from Jack Wattley Discus here locally but would like some new blood in the tank.
  3. Good morning everybody!!! I’m looking for suggestions for quality, healthy discus stores in the US. I’ve got my fish from a local well known store but want to get fish from other places to diversify the group. If you have purchased fish from anywhere online and had a great experience with shipping, fish quality and size please let me know !!! Thanks in advance !!!
  4. I plan on doing a sand substrate with rock work in the corners and an open center with maybe some corkscrew or jungle Valls to kind of separate the spaces. I’ll have to look into those species. A seller down here has 4 different species of Kribensis available. He’s got Congochromis sabinae and Pelvicachromis subocellatus Matadi. The females on that last one look beautiful when in courtship colors.
  5. Definitely don’t want that. I’m leaning more towards the Julidochromis. Went to my LFS today and one of the girls showed me her colony of Julidochromis that she’s got growing there. She said that she’s willing to sell me a few if I set up a tank for them so here I go.
  6. I might have to go back to shell dwellers. Had them over 10 years ago and they were pretty neat but the brichardi are so elegant !!! Julidochromis are growing on me too. I also want to do a tank with Kribensis.
  7. Hello everyone !!! I’m itching to set up a tank for a small colony of Neo. brichardi and due to space constraints I can’t go with a really large tank. What would be the smallest acceptable size for let’s say 5 or 6 fish ?? Thank you for your guidance !!!
  8. Thank you very much !!! I’ll take some new ones soon.
  9. Hello everyone !!! New member to the forum but have been growing fish since I was like 6 years old. Currently have a 125 gallon with Discus, Rainbowfish, Von Rio tetras, Silver Halfbeaks and Cory cats, 37 gallon with 19 Blue Diamond discus fry at about 3 month old, 20 gallon with the breeding pair of Blue diamonds, 7 gallons with Scarlet Badis and a 3 gallon with a Betta albomarginata and Pygmy Cory cats. I’d like to set up a few more tanks in the near future.
  10. How are these guys doing ??? I’m looking to get a few myself.
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