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  1. Could 3 pea puffers be quarantined in a 5 gallon tank?
  2. Dont worry guys i have a 5 gallon a 40 and im selling a 75 to set up 6 10 gallon tanks 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 im all in
  3. Thank you both i figured it would be ok and im really not super interested in line breeding im new to fish keeping so any breeding is a accomplishment for me 😁
  4. Can i mix short fin varieties of guppies with long fin varieties or will this lead to fin damage in the long fin variety
  5. Thank you all very much thats what i figure but wasnt sure if placing them in a grid would create better root growth
  6. When adding root tabs to a tank that is already planted should i still try to create a grid or just place them around the existing plants
  7. My angelfish is bloating whenever i feed ive tried feeding smaller amounts and i try to isolate it while feeding to monitor how much it eats just by distracting it on the other end of the tank while slowing feeding the other side to make sure theres no excess food in the tank he can eat but it seems within a few minutes the bottom of the abdomen swells it goes away a few hours later and it doesn't have a sunken stomach if i accidentally miss a feeding i only feed twice a day so i try to keep each feeding 12 hours apart witch seems to be keeping the fish alive but it doesnt seem to me the fish could be healthy im new to fish keeping so im hoping im wrong
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