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  1. Yep all makes sense and already looking at least a 29 in case things continue to get hostile so 🤞 we’ll see. Thank you all on the good advice
  2. I mentioned it was a Double red Apisto. That’s the name co-op had for it. It and all my fish are males just to keep it simple. I have had them no longer than 2months. They are juveniles. and yes I know that long term a 20gal is going to get small for the Angelfish especially. But they’re all small at the moment. Dimensions are 30”l x 13” h x 13” w. I do plan on upgrading to at least a tall 30gal in a year or sooner depending on how fast they grow.
  3. Hey all, I have a 20 gal community tank here and it started with the male Betta (long term I will be upgrading to at least 30gal). I then added some pork chop Rasboras, Ember Tetras, 1 angelfish as center piece and finally a double red Apisto. All of which I bought here at co-op, which they said should typically act as a friendly tank. I don’t expect things to always be sweet and tidy as nature also doesn’t allow that, but I also don’t want all out wars being waged. They were all getting along really well in fact and actually played together. It was a peaceful time in the swimming hole.... then both Betta and Angelfish got fin rot and I isolated them in a hospital tank with salt and meds. They are both recovering and doing better now. Bettas fins are still in healing phase but doing better. I then decided to reintroduce both of them into the 20gal again while maintaining meds in there to ensure any bacteria that started this is killed completely. But immediately the Apisto started chasing them and actually hunting the Betta, and when he would find him, would literally thrash him. So I moved the betta back in isolation but the Angelfish seems to handling his own well enough. things have calmed down in there it seems but I would really prefer to get Betta back in his home without him getting effed up. what might you all suggest or try to help reintroduce him to the tank again? I know some of you would be like, bigger tank, but that’s not possible currently and they are all pretty small and have decent space to play etc. But help me or roast me, either way 😉
  4. Hey all, we have an Angelfish here who I think is experiencing fin rot?: See pics But no other fish in the community are experiencing any issues. Water balance and ph is all checking out healthy as can be, no issues or obvious causes. I have been cleaning the water and tank but doesn’t seem to be making any change. So looking into the interwebs I am seeing that aquarium salt can be an effective fungal or bacterial killer if used right. Since I have live plants in the main aquarium I didn’t want to disrupt that balance. I have started him today in a small isolation tank along and planning to change the water daily with 2tsp aquarium salt / gallon for next 7-10 days. Does this sound like a good plan or should I just follow the directions on the article these guys posted from coop and just do antibiotics?
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