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  1. Hi Fam, I took the advice on the forum and picked up a hillstream loach. This little guy is fun to watch zoom across the glass, plus he has been busy cleaning the glass. I am surprised at the results, since its only been about a week. Also, their are shrimp babies floating around! I'll have to refrain from vacuuming the gravel for a bit, just in case. Lastly, I noticed a snail in the tank... maybe he came with one of the plants? Is this a pest issue I need to worry about and deal with now? or Did I score a free nerite? Intruder? Before loach 1 Week after loach (note, the shrimps rarely eat out of their food dish.) =( Shrimp Baby
  2. I don't recognize these, some look like Helena but most are so pale. Thanks!
  3. So I ordered some snails that were labeled as Malasian trumpet snails off eBay and these arrived. I have never seen malasian trumpet snails that look like this, they are bigger than the average mts and they are a lot thicker than mts of similar lengths. Any idea what exactly they are?
  4. I had a few hitch hikers a month or so ago on some plants. Snails are friends. Just want to be able to add what kind they are to my list of what's in my tank. Help please. I have also noticed that my trumpet snails seem to be going white. I know this has something to do with calcium but I am a bit confused as we have hard water. Maybe I am messing that up. I have had them in my tank for years. Only learned to love them in the last 2 years. I have noticed this in correlation with add more life plants in the last few months. Ideas? Suggestions? Thanks in advance everyone.
  5. Hi All I was hoping someone could help me identify the couple of hitch hikers that have made their way into my tank on some plants. I’m not looking to get rid of them just want to know what they are to care for them properly.
  6. Lovin' that my Bladder snails are starting to multiply. I had at least one come in on my plants. I don't get overly concerned. I welcome them as part of my cleanup crew. It's surprising how fast they move compared to the Ramshorn snails in my 20 gallon tank. Do you keep them or try to eradicate them?
  7. Ok, so when they were smaller people thought they were bladder snails, but now, Im not so sure. Sometimes I think the antenna look more conical, others whispy. But seems to me the shells point the opposite direction than bladders should. Of course through the glass they look lighter in color but once I get them out they look the color of bladder shells. Of course it is possible I've got both these were all free with my plant order (not aquarium co-op). 😒. I attached photos of the two largest (crunchy and speedy). I've now got a bunch of smaller ones as well. I have noticed that my plants are looking lacey and in not as good shape leading me to believe the snails may be eating the plants. Attaching photo.
  8. Found this guy lurking in my substrate of my Mollie tank. Any ideas on a type? Google lens seem to think its a Red rimmed melania https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red-rimmed_melania Thanks for the help!
  9. I got two hitchhikers in my bag from the fish store today. One I think is rams horn the other IDK. I'm anti snail but these fish were for my tub pond and in pond context I think I'm somewhere between ambivalent and pro-snail. So I have two questions 1) What are these 2) Will they survive my tub. If I'm sentencing them to death i'd rather just give them away, assuming either is desirable to someone The first one is tiny. like rice grain sized. the second one is bigger, maybe plain M&M sized.
  10. Just as it says above? I found one yesterday and another one today, it has small brown/orange dots on its shell. To keep or not? Thanks
  11. Hey everyone, somehow this little guy showed up in our tank or I just noticed him the other day. Small snail but wanting to know what type of snail this is and should we be concerned about them becoming invasive in our fish tank? Never had a snail in our setup before so this is new to me.
  12. There was a very small snail, smaller than 1 inch, and it was sitting on my anubias nana leaf. I have NEVER bought any snails in the 5.5 gallon tank, and yet, here it is... That's the "snail". It wasn't here. I didn't buy it and it randomly appeared. Can someone please tell me what this is and what I should do?
  13. This litte guy must have snuck in on a plant. Can you tell me what kind of snail and will it be ok in a tank that's not finished cycling. Waiting for the nitrites to drop but everything else is good.
  14. i don't know what this snail is. it is black with gold spots. I will post a picture when it appears.
  15. I think it hitchhiked in on some plants, not unhappy to have it, but would like to know what kind of snail it was.
  16. Well guys I think I actually may have pond snails. I had noticed some of my plant leaves were looking lacey like they had been munched. Now that Crunchy (my largest non purchased snail) is bigger I see that their antenna are more conical which I understand may mean that they are a pond snail. Its my understanding pond snails eat plants? Other than pruning/refreshing my plants for looks anything I should do about the pond snails if I want to keep them around? I've become oddly attached to the 2 biggest. Right now they seem ok with my nerite snails, generally are they happy companions? Ok help. I made the bad choice of ordering plants not from Aquarium Co—Op and now I have pest snails. I was highly confused by these new creatures since I know nerites don’t breed in fresh water. what are they? Will they harm my other snails? Tank only has plants and nerite snails now (the betta died earlier this week).
  17. I thought I only had rams horn and bladder snails and to my surprise a conical snail with a shell an inch long was cruising across a rock. Are there more snails with this shape? What do you think it is?
  18. Does anyone know what kind of snail I got here, its a random tag along from some plants.
  19. Noticed several of these guys in the bottom of my bucket after doing a water change. This 55g has been set up for 8 months, is planted, with top fin black sand and caribsea flora max substrate, some driftwood, and rock. Never had any issues with pest snails, and all of these plants have been in the tank from the beginning. Have a few Nerite and 2 mystery snails in here though. What are they? Should I be concerned? They are all this size or smaller.
  20. I've had these little snails in some of my tanks for at least 6+ months now. Originally I figured they could be young Malaysian snails, but I've yet to see an adult. I haven't seen any of these over 4mm long. Any idea what they are? Some type of "dwarf" snail species? I've checked at night after the lights have been off. I've checked the little slow motion feeding frenzy the occurs when I drop in wafers. I've stirred up the gravel a bit...Nothing larger than 4mm.
  21. A stranger was kind enough to give me some used gravel from two of his tanks to jump start the cycle in my tank. Some commenters on another one of my posts said to use substrate from a trusted tank, but since I didn't have animals in the tank anyway, I figure I don't have anything to lose but time if this doesn't work out for some reason. Another commenter on another post of mine was surprised I did not get any snails from the plants I already had. Well, surprise! There probably are live hitchhikers in this gravel. What kind of snails are these? And now that I have this used substrate, what's next for me?
  22. I recently purchased some plants and instead of the normal alum dip I decided to throw them in QT. After a couple weeks in QT I found some baby snails (as I understand happens), but I not very familiar with snails. Any idea what kind of snail this is? My main concern is if the 3 I've found are going to rapidly become many many more...
  23. Who is this? Largest dimension ~ 1.5 mm (1/16″).
  24. Anyone know what this snail is? I got it a a year ago and for the life of me, cant seem to identify it. It's the only one I have... Malaysian trumpet snail maybe?
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