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Found 17 results

  1. I recently purchased some plants and instead of the normal alum dip I decided to throw them in QT. After a couple weeks in QT I found some baby snails (as I understand happens), but I not very familiar with snails. Any idea what kind of snail this is? My main concern is if the 3 I've found are going to rapidly become many many more...
  2. Who is this? Largest dimension ~ 1.5 mm (1/16″).
  3. Anyone know what this snail is? I got it a a year ago and for the life of me, cant seem to identify it. It's the only one I have... Malaysian trumpet snail maybe?
  4. Learning about what I have living in my tank haha. First any idea what snail that is? And any ideas how to get rid of them? They came as a hitch hiker on a plant I got and since I’ve been removing 10 or so a day smaller than this. This is one of the bigger ones I’ve seen. And second any idea what that white bug I have circled is? I’ve noticed a couple of them the sit on the glass and swim through the tank. Surprisingly they are pretty fast. They don’t seem to mind the shrimp at all. Thank you all.
  5. I found my first snail ever. He came in on a big purchase of plants and has gotten quite large from when I first saw him. I just wonder what kind of snail he is? I don't know anything about snails, but my guess is maybe a nerite snail?
  6. @Cory i found a lil hitchhiker today in my 10 gallon. It is in the cycling stages so no fish and all the plants (and gear) came from Aquarium co-op so it had to come from plants. What snail do you keep in your plant tanks? I just need to know how to care for it. I am grateful as i was hoping to get a few as i love them. It looks like a nerite but it is very tiny only a few MM in size so i cant really tell. Any advece would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. I just found this lil guy in my tank. What is he and what should I do? My girlfriend already named him I hope he isn’t a pest species.
  8. I’m guessing snails? Although I’ve never seen something in a bunch like this.
  9. Zoom in and take a look. This is a full sized snail. I have had them for over a year and have never seen one larger than the one in the picture. Have any of you experienced these snails?
  10. I got these flat, spiral shelled snails in an order of azolla. From the side they look like rams horn but they are flat like a plate.
  11. I recently set up my first tank. With the plants I used there came a few hitch hikers with them. Can someone tell me what kind of snail these are and if it's a good idea to keep a few of them in the tank? I intended to add some rams or narite snails anyway but since I got some "free" snails... Just want to be sure that these aren't some kind of massive hassle down the ro ad.
  12. Help identify the snail White, looks like Malaysian trumpet snails under magnification. They stay the size of fish eggs...no bigger. Nocturnal. Hide under gravel under high light. Too small to take photo What could it be?
  13. Would these be Pond Snail Eggs? We just discovered them this morning. Thank you!
  14. This must have been a hitchhiker at some point. First time seeing a different snail besides my nerites in the tank. Please help me identify it. Thanks
  15. I was looking in one of my tanks and I found this snail? what kind of snail is it? The other snails I have in this tank are Nerite, mystery, MTS, and those other tiny ones in the picture.
  16. I'm sorry for the photo quality. This little guy is still tiny; about half the size of my pinkie nail. He came in on a plant, has a blue foot and a very dark shell, almost black, I think. Any chance anyone recognizes it? Thanks for looking! 🙂 ~Brandy
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