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  1. Sorry! I thought I posted a pic.
  2. I just inherited this fish and am unsure what it is. Does anyone recognize it?
  3. I have had them for a couple months. They do hide a lot but I often find myself looking at this tank (as one does) and all of the sudden realize I am looking at one fo the little guys. Most of mine are colors that blend into the mosses and wood so it takes me a few to catch on 🙂 and especially during water changes they love to come out and see what’s been rummaged up 😄
  4. I don’t have a black water tank but I do have dwarf anchor cats and hatchetfish (not in the same tank). They are both really fun. I love the cats and they are slowly starting to make their way out more.
  5. I have 3 hill stream loaches in a 29 gallon with three orange fin gobies. The loaches will bulldoze through when they want to claim the food but the gobies just ignore them now. Those loaches definitely think they own the tank.
  6. I felt this sentiment so much. "wobbly test tubes" yes.
  7. Great to see they are doing better. What ratio of salt did you end up using?
  8. That is great to hear. Thank you! I am loving him so far. I can’t wait to get him settled in 🙂
  9. Oof I hear that! I have a couple small tanks with sand now and they definitely show anything that gets on it. I made the mistake of using white sand in a tank with 2 mystery snails and their poop shows up really well 😄I just want to make sure I don’t hurt the goby with anything sharp. I would be open to gravel if that would work too.
  10. Last weekend I acquired an electric blue neon dwarf goby. He is in the quarantine tank right now and seems to be doing well. I have been looking for substrate ideas online and I see sand is the most recommended. Does anyone have any advice on brands or other substrates that would work better? He will be in a 29 gallon with some amano shrimp and a school of white cloud minnow.
  11. What substrate do you have? I just got a goby and am looking at different substrates and trying to decide.
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