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  1. Here is a picture of the label if it helps you at all
  2. the thing I was looking for was one that was not too deep so fry had no issue coming up for air, yours looks 8"-9" deep
  3. I went to Daiso store, my mother in-law called the Japanese dollar store. anyways I found a pan that looks similar to what dean uses for his fry, it's white with rounded corners but the size fits the top of a 10g exactly lengthways with 5" of room left on either side of the tank. this could be the grail so many have been searching for. I'll have to post a picture. They are roughly 2" deep
  4. I've seen some say placing an organic Rooibos tea bag in with your eggs would help with fungus
  5. I want to setup some 10 gallons in a rack system but I'm having some trouble finding some metal shelves that would fit some 20.5" long aquariums, it looks like I'll have to settle for shelves that are 18" deep or 24" deep, one is to short and the other is to long. I would rather buy metal shelves and not build a wood shelving unit as I've had issues building wood projects previously. Any brands or anything that could help would be HIGHLY APPRECIATED. thank you
  6. I've tried taking organic lettuce and putting it in a half gallon jar then pouring boiling water over it filling halfway then letting it fully cool and next day filling rest with tank Water and even some plant trimmings, and set it by the window but with second and third time that I tried I had used a lamp to give some extra light did that with my tank water twice and then 3rd time I got tank water from my local fish store and ended all same, stuff decayed and water turned brown and I got b.... talked to by the wife
  7. So I've looked and I can only buy this product over ebay from out of country. I would love to breed some chili rasbora and for that I need infusoria and I've failed creating an infinsoria culture 3 times and I'm worried if I try a 4th it could cause irreparable harm to my marriage( seriously the look on my wife's face! Omg!) This product could help me so much and I'm sure a lot of other spouses as well. This product as I understand it is very much like brine shrimp where you add product to water and wait and boom you get live food for your fish.
  8. I just went to my lfs and they had the liquid master test kit like I have and their results where the same as mine.
  9. I've been using the Aquarium co-op test strips and they are so easy to use that I've been getting low on them and decided to try the API Master test kit, it was on sale. I used the API kit and the only test that gave me pause was the Ph results, the Co-op test strips said I had 6.4-6.8 Ph But the master test kit says I have a Ph of 7.6 there was no green in that blue vial, so really concerned. I had a digital Ph tester that I have only used a couple of times it's a pain to use but it gave a Ph reading of 7.04... which one do I trust? I have noticed the test strip colors tend to run and so I will use 2 or more strips at a time to figure out a consistent reading but these numbers seem way off from each other. Co-op Ph 6.4-6.8 API Ph 7.6 Digital Ph 7.04 I
  10. I'm now leaning to an Apistogramma triple red, although the Blue Acara looks really nice
  11. heater is set at 72 but weather here as not given it any reason to turn on, right now it's 78, our A/C is on the fritz. Plants I have a Java Fern, Red Tiger Lotus, Mermaid Weed, Money Wart, Baby Tears and Christmas Moss. Water flow I have a Aquaclear 30 with corse medium and fine sponges and Biohome Biogravel, water flow seems pretty good. Ph was 7.3 but closer to 7.0 now I started to used Co2
  12. I think I have enough bio load room in my 20g tall for a nice flashy "hey see how pretty cool I am" fish. current tank occupants: 6x Green Fire Tetra, 3x Amano shrimp, 2x Julii Corydoras, 1x Neon Blur Goby, 1x large Nerite Snail, 2x small Nerite Snails, 1x bossy Reticulated Hillstream Loach. I feel a lot of options are taken away due to the shrimp possibly becoming a meal and now I have to be concerned with my loach picking a fight with other options. so I am opening up to the room looking for suggestions
  13. I think I read somewhere (please correct me if I'm wrong) if you have chloramines in your water then an ammonia test will indicate it or at least clue you in on the possibility you might have chloramines in your water. not 100% sure on that and would love someone to confirm or squash that.
  14. I have a 20g tall, and my LFS had one reticulated hill stream loach left and I wanted to get some workers to deal with algae that was starting to show up so I got the loach and 3 Amano shrimp, 3 Nerite snails and 2 Julii corys to help cleaning up the bottom. so the Hillstream Loach has been chasing the other creatures he sees feeding on the bottom, such as the corys or shrimp or a neon blue goby, I even seen it chase a tetra, is this normal behavior or is he acting this way because he's the only Loach or is he starving or is he a jerk or am I the jerk for putting him in a 20g tank?
  15. Thank you everyone, such awesome responses, all very appreciated.
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