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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! I set up a 36 gallon bowfront for a Figure 8 Puffer around 3 months ago. Initially, I planned on just doing the puffer, but found that the tank was far too similar to my Green Spotted Puffer tank. I put in a small female guppy to see how he'd react to her, and he paid no attention, even when she was stealing his food. So, I decided that a lightly-brackish planted community tank was the way to go. I chose a coarse sand for the puffer, since they like to blow the substrate around while looking for food. I went with black to highlight the green on the puffer’s back, and the green/black combo with the plants is always nice too. I used two pieces of Mopani to “scape” the tank - I stuck them in there in a position I found pleasing and called it quits. I’ve never been much of a scaper, lol. Once I found that the guppy did well with the puffer, I added a male and a second female. Then, a week or two later, I added a trio of platies. The tank was still freshwater, as I figured I’d just acclimate the whole tank to low-end brackish once it was stocked to make it easier on everyone. At this point, I noticed that the puffer had come down with a little bit of ich, and one of the platies had some spots as well. So, I went ahead and began increasing the salinity of the tank, and that took care of the ich after around 8 days. After the ich was taken care of, I introduced a trio of balloon mollies as well as around 8 ghost shrimp. I expected the shrimp to be hunted down in a few days, but the puffer doesn’t really hunt them. He ate one when I dumped them into the tank, but I think he figured out they’re hard to catch, and I keep him well-fed enough that he doesn’t have a chance to get hungry enough to try too hard. The shrimp still give him a wide berth, but spend plenty of time out in the open. They make great additions to the tank. Then, I added 4 black racer nerites, since I was getting some pretty intense diatoms on the glass. Nerites are one of the few snails that I know of that’ll do well in brackish and have a small enough foot that they can protect it while they’re stuck to something. One of the snails didn’t make the acclimation, unfortunately, but the other three have done well. The puffer pays a lot of attention to them, but I haven’t seen him pester them too much. A few days after that, I added in some Limia Nigrofasciata, the Humpback Limia. They’re roughly as brackish-tolerant as platies, and I was surprised to find them at my LFS. They’re a common Limia, but definitely still pretty rare in your average LFS, I’d say. I ordered 8 bumbebee gobies at my LFS that same day, and picked them up last Thursday. They ordered 12 and had 11 make it, so I took home all 11. I've since lost 1, that I know of. I probably went heavy on stocking, but with how I tend to maintenance my tanks, I think it'll be okay. I’ve got a pretty wide variety of plants, including: Crypt Wendtii Crypt Wendtii Red Crypt Tropica Flame Sword Jungle Vallisneria Marimo Moss Anubias Nana Anubias Golden El Nino Fern Java Fern Windelov Golden Pothos (growing out of the top of the tank) Everything except for the Pothos is doing well so far, although I may get rid of the Anacharis. I like the plant, but it’s just so hard to keep planted! It’s almost more trouble than it’s worth. I’m always looking for more brackish-tolerant plants, too, so if anyone has suggestions, hit me up! I especially love Crypts, but am finding them to be incredibly slow growing under brackish conditions. All the plants are growing slower than they do in freshwater, but the Crypts are especially slow - I did start with small plants, but still. The tank is filtered by an Aquarium Co-Op sponge filter and an Aquaclear 50, but I plan to remove the HOB once the tank is more established with a few more plants. Don’t need the HOB sucking up babies! I just have a generic Top Fin heater in the tank right now - I’d like to get a nice Fluval or Aqueon heater, once I can find the models I want in stock. For lighting, I’m using a 30” Finnex Stingray, and plan to stick with that light. I love it! It’s perfect for that low-medium light range in this tank. Maintenance in this tank consists of weekly 50% water changes, and the occasional glass scraping. Frequent re-plantings of the Anacharis have been a requirement, too, and I need to whip out the super glue and attach some Anubias to the driftwood more permanently - I’ve just been lazy. I have some sponge and cuttlebone in the HOB, but haven’t been running any chemical/physical media. I may add some carbon to help with the tannins, but I’m undecided. I don’t especially hate the tannined look, but I’m not necessarily a fan, either. So far, this tank is just fun for me. I love seeing how organisms react in situations we may not necessarily expect them to be in - plants and the common livebearers in salty water, for example. I bred some guppies in full saltwater, and had a blast with that. I just kinda play with this tank, and of course love the Figure 8 Puffer, the reason the tank even exists. This one is actually fairly brave, even compared to my larger GSP who tends to flip out if I approach the tank too quickly. I do a lot of saltwater tanks, and have several breeding projects going that tend to be a bit higher pressure, in a way. Plus, I work at a pet store, so I’m around tanks 24/7. Having a tank I can just enjoy is a nice change of pace!
  2. Hello! I’m new to this forum but have kept fish for a couple years now. I recently got this guy at my LFS. The owner had no idea what type of goby this was. He came in a shipment with some kuhli loaches. I can’t find anything online that looks like it. I’m currently keeping him in a 20 long. Does anyone have any idea what kind of fish this is?
  3. Can someone help me to identify these freshwater gobies that I got yesterday? I have been getting conflicting opinions. I think they are Barcheek Goby (Rhinogobius giurinus), but I am not sure...
  4. Hi! just wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts or experience with a Some of fish I’ve been interested in but haven’t been able to definitively answer some questions from just online searching. Please feel free to chime in about notable behaviors or experiences unrelated to the questions 🙂 blue neon goby- how important is high water flow? I know many of the high water flow species can do well in slower waters as long as oxygen levels are high so was hoping these would be similar. Butterfly Gobies- I see they are actually wasp fish but they have been listed as fresh water on many online sights. But most people keep them in brackish or even marine from what I’ve seen on YouTube. Is this the best way of doing so? And when do you know you should transition the fish into brackish if it came in freshwater? South American Green darter tetras- these look awesome and just found out about them so wanted to know if anyone breeds them or has found how they do in smaller groups rather than large as they’re quite expensive Pom Pom crabs- has anyone gotten to live longer than a year :/? Also would be interested in getting a few for my girlfriends 5.5gal solo act betta tank that’s decently planted but am concerned they’d get their Pom poms nipped off. It is a female betta who has not interacted with anything but snails yet. rhino pleco- can’t seem to find a definitive size range, see anything from 6”-11” and don’t know what to believe. Does anyone have an adult they’ve had for awhile now or now for sure? sorry for long post, can’t wait to Hopefully read some responses :)!
  5. Last weekend I acquired an electric blue neon dwarf goby. He is in the quarantine tank right now and seems to be doing well. I have been looking for substrate ideas online and I see sand is the most recommended. Does anyone have any advice on brands or other substrates that would work better? He will be in a 29 gallon with some amano shrimp and a school of white cloud minnow.
  6. Want gobys for my Biocupido, Cupid Cichlid 110 gallon. Have a few other community fish in there also. How many gobys should I get and any specific type? Happy Holidays! Thank you fish fam!
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