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  1. This is an example of the damaged plant.
  2. I first noticed this a couple weeks back, and thought that perhaps the one mystery snail I had in this 5 gallon tank came with babies on board. They never developed into baby snails, they are oval and very flat and possibly are destroying some of my Java plants. Anyone know what this is? (picture is taken under a 4x microscope)
  3. @gardenmanthanks for responding. I’m fairly certain that my largest king tiger is female, despite the fact that she will often sit half in and half out of a cave with a large opening. I think it’s because I have other plecos and bottom feeders in the tank and that is why she caves up (claiming space). She doesn’t have the odontodes on the pecs. See below:
  4. Also worth mentioning there are no longer any male BNs in the tank. Female albino and female lemon.
  5. @gardenman the King Tigers I have are 3 different sizes. There are other Plecos in the tank but the l333s are the only ones consistently in caves. They get a lot of different kinds of food, including brine and bloodworms.
  6. Had them for 6-12 months. Tank is heavily planted and super stable. Temp is 78° - 80°. pH is around 7.2 (my tap water in Woodinville comes out around 7.8, which I offset with RO from my LFS.) GH is 7-8, KH is 3-4. Using an Fx4 canister filter. Moderate water flow with the heads high in the water column. there are 7 caves total. 5 pictured below.
  7. Would love any input on breeding L333s that anyone here has. I have a group of 5 in my 75 with lots of caves and haven’t seen any breeding evidence. I’m contemplating isolating them but wanted input on anyone’s experience in general first. Thanks!
  8. I’ve used auto feeders (I have the Eheim now) a few times but none of the ones I have tried are good for small tanks, they seem to dispense quite a bit of food. I have a 10 gallon tank with a dozen CPDs and Neocaridinas so it doesn’t need much if I leave town for a week. Any recommendations on auto feeder’s that will release small amounts of food?
  9. My flag Acaras have bred for the second time. Last time we tried to move the fry into a breeder box but they were far too small and slipped through the cracks into open water and we’re all picked off. This time I quickly move them to a quarantine/nursery tank and things are going much better. Does anyone here have experience breeding these fish? Anything I should pay attention to one week after hatching?
  10. So update, heater has been unplugged the last week. 😬
  11. This showed up yesterday morning. He lives in a fluval 10 gallon, one small wood piece and a few shrimp as well as one bristlenose pleco. No sharp edges that I can figure out. Treated with kanaplex yesterday fearing that it was an infection but I’m not seeing any fuzz or fluffy stuff on the cut. Any ideas how this happened?
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