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  1. Hi Sharon, I to live close to Dallas. I’m a 70 year old retired grandma. This is such a great hobby that helps us keep on the move. My parameters are much like yours it sounds like. Congratulations on your corys. They are one of my favorites for sure. Right now I’m struggling with a bully melon barb he is a bully and I’m struggling to catch him I want him out! He is chasing all of my panda cats all over the place. I was Leary of getting a group of them in the first place but a very reputable dealer assured me that they were good community fish. Good luck with the forum glad Cory started this for all of us fish lovers.
  2. Nothing better then to watch my fish swim and have a glass of red wine!
  3. Yeah I’m extremely anal about following precisely the correct directions. I usually do more then 15% it’s a 20 gallon . I was kind of afraid to with the tank being so new. Though I might check it later today to see where I am with it..
  4. I agree about being obnoxious. I’m following to a T. I even have my Alexa do the all the timing from the 30 second shake to the minute to the 5 minutes. It’s a 20 gallon tank.
  5. MickS77, it’s a 20 gal. I also double check making sure I’m following the directions API has for testing Nitrates.
  6. I went to a larger tank a week ago. Used sponge filters some established substrate on very bottom adding new substrate over it. Used decorations and plants from established tank. Let new tank run for 24 hours before adding the fish I took out of old tank that were in a bucket. Been testing water daily all testing came out good until today. My Nitrates are extremely high using the API testing kit. i did a 15% water change and will check it later today. What else can I do? I have no fish loss ——knock on wood. Fish are all extremely active and eating well. Input please.
  7. This is really great! Love the little dog house.
  8. I agree Cait I’ve had several aquariums since I was ten. I’m now 70! I have learned quite a bit through my 60 years of fish keeping. I find myself starring at my aquariums instead of watching the now depressing tv. Very therapeutic.

  9. Another great plant from the Co Op
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