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Found 8 results

  1. Is that 7 or 7.2 ? Gh at 5 KH at 4 TDS 167 from RO water with equilibrium
  2. I went to a larger tank a week ago. Used sponge filters some established substrate on very bottom adding new substrate over it. Used decorations and plants from established tank. Let new tank run for 24 hours before adding the fish I took out of old tank that were in a bucket. Been testing water daily all testing came out good until today. My Nitrates are extremely high using the API testing kit. i did a 15% water change and will check it later today. What else can I do? I have no fish loss ——knock on wood. Fish are all extremely active and eating well. Input please.
  3. Today I did a side by side comparison of the new Aquarium Coop test strips, and the API Freshwater Master Test Kit. Every test but one was spot on identical results! My API test showed GH around 160, the multi test strip looked like it was indicating around 300. Over the next few days I will perform more side by side testing on my other 15 tanks, but I am hopeful that the strips will continue to perform well. Wouldn't it be nice to have confidence in a quick dip in all my tanks, instead of the more complicated, messy, error prone liquid kit, for quick check ups? Fingers crossed.
  4. Hello, I am new to the hobby and long story short I am in the process of doing a fish in cycle. If you would like the whole story I posted that in the greetings and introductions. Last night I purchased this kit because my 5 in 1 strips ran out and this was at the pet store and also a bottle of seed because i assumed my cycle was stalled based on 0 nitrite and nitrate from the test strips. Now this morning I see this I was hoping to get some help reading these results Attached in order Ph Ph high Ammonia Nitrite Nitrate
  5. I really have absolutely no idea what I am doing. I thought I understood the nitrogen cycle but it's clear I do not. I'm seeing ammonia, nitrate, and nitrites all above 0 (which is a pretty dramatic change between 1 week ago and now). I thought I would see a spike of ammonia, then it go down and then a spike of nitrate, and then that go down and a spike of nitrite. I feel like this is just an explosion of everything. What do I do next? Keep waiting? Change the water? I don't have fish. I am very confused!
  6. I used API test kits obsessively in the past, but as I have gotten my tanks established. (Test strips for piece of mind) However I started having issues and things aren't making sense. I think the township changed something in the water. I used the API test kit and the normal was way too high...Off the chart blue, however the pH High read as if it was 7.4. I'm worried because the idea starts to creep in that 7.4 and 7.8 colors don't look so much different.... Although truthfully I've never seen a pH that high. The fish don't seem too worse for wear if I can need to bring it down slowly, (someone mentioned ammonia doing something toxic at 7.8?) but some recent deaths in other tanks might finally be explained. I've got fish coming in next week...I can buy water for a week or two, but need to get this sorted. Thanks
  7. Hi ~ I decided to purchase the API GH & KH kit to ensure that my readings are accurate. I am a bit concerned by the following difference between this test kit and the Tetra Easy strips readings (which I struggle with sometimes) KH (7 drops) = 7 degrees or 125.3 ppm GH (12 drops) 12 degrees or 214.8 PPM (YIKES) *** Should I be worried about this? if so what do I do? I have a wonder shell in the aquarium, should I remove it? My PH is between 7.3 -7.4 ppm My Ammonia suddenly went up from yesterday to 0.25-0.30 ppm so I am going to do a water change to deal with that.
  8. Anyone know why my tap water has ammonia in it? Could it be chloramine that's doing it? With the API test kit it shows 0.5 ppm. I then tested my water and it was 1.0 ppm! I changed water and treated with prime. But, any other ideas/suggestions would be so appreciated.
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