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Found 7 results

  1. So I am making a video about how Petco and Petsmart should have a standardized training that makes covers fish keeping. So that they care better for their fish. If I post it here is that against the rules, I just thought it would help bugeners know learn a bit and start off with healthy fish. While trying to do something good for the fish we love so much! Thanks!
  2. I find products at various places - usually Petco, Petsmart, and Chewy, and want to reference them in conversation specifically because of information contained within the listing, but I don't want to be in violation of the rules. Or in another case I found a website that provides information on native fish that also sells them for aquarists and pond stocking - can I post that kind of link? From the guidlines: "Links to competitors are not prohibited. Amazon, Ebay, and Aquabid are approved, as long as they aren't intentionally advertising." The way this is written leaves me a bit confused because it says they aren't prohibited and the following are approved. I'm confused by that. If links of competitors aren't prohibited why would those three be approved? It almost sounds that those are exclusively approved but others aren't. I think it's the usage of language that is confusing. This would clear it up [to me] if it is the intention: "Links to competitors are allowed including Amazon, eBay, and Aquabid as long as they aren't intentionally posted for the purpose of advertising." I would be interested in learning about other resources (of course I always shop the Co-op first lol!) that are perhaps a bit more obscure, geared to aquarists or regional. I hope an admin/mod type will respond to this post! Thanks in Advance! braids
  3. So I had mentioned to a friend something about a post here and was told I was crazy and there was no such post. When I came back to the forum to just get a direct link, I couldn't find it either. Seems multiple posts were removed, the conversation no longer made sense as you could tell stuff was removed. Anyone else had this happen? Do mods just delete/alter content without notice or explanation?
  4. How do I un post something on the forum didn’t mean to advertise selling my fish don’t want trouble don’t want kicked or pointed really truly sorry I uses my phone to navigate most the time.
  5. Anyone wanting tiger oscars be available first week of November roughly also @Cory if this is not aloud please remove
  6. Holy poop! I think I just got banned I promise! No more pictures of cats.
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