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75G Six Months In


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Hey there!

just wanted to share a picture and details of my 75 Gallon 8 months or so after setting it up. I had previously had a 29g for a few years and migrated everything over to this new tank.  I’ll include a picture of it for comparison. 

I set up a 10g tank co2 system for the first time 6 months ago and the plants really took off. I aim for around 20ppm co2 and the lights are two aquasky 2.0  

I have done a 40% water change once or twice but it stays around 40ppm nitrates with the easy green I add. Filter is an fx4 that I have serviced once. My goal has been to make everything as automated and hands off as possible and so far so good!

Fish include rainbowfish, glowlight tetras, kribensis, bristlenose pleco, platty, 3 spot gourami, peppered corys and a few nerite snails

Hope you enjoy!  






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