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    Clamped fins

    Any amount of ammonia is bad for fish, and having a high pH makes the effect even worse. I'm guessing the high pH isn't the problem so much as the effect that pH is having on that little bit of ammonia. Hopefully you've taken care of that by putting them in this cycled tank. Prime is a good dechlorinator that also make any ammonia in your tank non-toxic to the fish. At the same time, it leaves the ammonia in a form that the beneficial bacteria can still digest, so your tank can keep cycling.
  2. I agree with Jennifer. This just looks like biofilm to me. Good food for shrimp and first food for baby fish.
  3. Made EIGHT little moss lava rocks and threw them in my newish 10 gal shrimp tank. it got pretty tedious after the first couple ones, but I hung in there. Also, pic of big yellow neocaridina in the tank.
  4. I have tried Amano shrimp, panda garra, and flag fish. None really helped enough. The only thing that has worked consistently for me is spot treating with Flourish Excel (applying it directly to the BBA with a dropper). In total I use about twice what the bottle recommends. When I do this on a daily basis, the combinations of nuking the BBA and providing the rest of the plants some carbon from the Excel works. It takes about two-three weeks. After that I still need to add Excel every day to keep it at bay (no CO2 in my tank).
  5. That's good to know. Now the OP knows what to look for if they want to add in some new blood in the future 👍
  6. Serves me right for not looking back far enough! Now to listen.....
  7. I love the idea of a low-maintenance tank, and you've done a great job here. I always seem to overstock because, fish! But your tank is a good argument for less is more 👍
  8. I bet it would do OK in low light, just grow more slowly, which might be a good thing depending on how you want to use it. You could also give it a little more light by placing it up higher in the tank, on the tips of branches and rocks.
  9. I always enjoy listening to Rachel O'Leary. Carl Lawrence, here in Seattle, has spoken a couple of times at GSAS meetings and he's a lot of fun. He has some great stories about collecting fish in far away places. Roy Slettevold of GSAS knows everything there is to know about aquarium plants. Erik Olsen (former president of the AGA) and his wife Kathy have been keeping fish forever, and have been very involved in various fish clubs (including GSAS). They've met a lot of the "greats" and it would be fun to hear about their experiences handling famous speakers. It would also be interesting to hear about their household with two fish obsessed people (how do they keep their budget in check??). The GSAS folks are all on airstone. I can also help get you in touch with any of them.
  10. That was much simpler than I though it would be! Great idea for adding more veggies to their diet. Seems like a good idea for any fish or shrimp that needs more greens.
  11. Those are really pretty! You should separate them from the rest (great excuse for another tank) and try starting a new strain.
  12. I am lucky enough to have Philippine Blue angelfish available in a local store. The ones in the store vary in their number of stripes, from 2 up to 4 or 5. My question is, are "zebra" angelfish just the ones that happen to have 4 or more stripes? If I breed two angelfish with 4 or more stripes together, will their offspring be more likely to have 4 or more stripes? I like the look of more stripes, and I was surprised by how much variance there was at the store.
  13. Happy 2021! I really like them in my tanks--they mix up the sand and process the fish waste (especially good for plants). And they mostly hide during the day. You can keep the population down by not over feeding the fish.
  14. Replying to this older post just because I've been browsing around looking for blue angelfish, either zebra or marbled, and I must say RovingGinger, you got a beautiful group! Finding pearlscale as well is like winning the lottery 👍
  15. Great video! Your plants are looking so nice with that CO2. And now I want to replace my dwarf lily with a tiger lotus--so much more red. I also love the pearl scale on your angelfish. Hope they continue to get along. I have a pair in my 40 breeder display tank who just bred for the first time--it was the left-hand 20 gal for them, and the right-hand 20 gal for everyone else (cardinal tetras, lemon tetras, albino corys, panda garra). Of course, the eggs were quickly eaten. I might try saving some next time. That idea of taking out most of the hinge on your lid is smart--mine is right in the way of the light.
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