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  1. Having a hard time finding an answer to this one. All the answers have to do with cycling an aquarium. I am curious how long it takes a fully cycled tank's bacteria to convert ammonia to nitrate?
  2. Hey there. I’ve got a 75g tank with an fx4 filter. Intake is on the left side and the output is on the right side. Would there be any benefit of adding a wave maker or power head in the tank? Is so where? Thanks!
  3. Thanks, it’s a pretty happy community! Bosemani Rainbowfish Glowlight Tetras Golden White Cloud Minnows Kribensis Sterbai Corys Siamese Algae Eater 3 Spot Gourami
  4. So, about 6 months ago I put a nasty scratch in the middle of my tank. (It was a case of being lazy with my mag float and catching a piece of substrate between it and the glass.) So of course every time I looked at my tank my eyes would be transfixed on the scratch. I finally had enough and decided I was going to empty the tank and flip it around. I figured I would install a background from universal rock while I was at it. I did this over the course of 2 days, emptying the water and fish into a couple large clean garbage bins. An inexpensive water pump made the job relatively easy. Unfortunately it also means my crypt garden needs to start over. I’m optimistic because I upgraded from a 29g a couple years ago and the crypts transferred nicely. One thing that I didn’t account for was the inability to suction cup things to the back glass now. Despite the effort I’m really enjoying the background and the scratch free glass. Just waiting for the water to clear up!
  5. Came out perfect! Don’t even have to get my hands wet in my 75 gallon. This will save me money too on liquid fertilizer because I’ve been using more than I should to make up for not wanting to use the root tabs.
  6. This is amazing. And it's extra amazing that you linked all the items so I can order it for pickup rather than hunting around for the items in store! My neglected crypts thank you.
  7. Hey there! just wanted to share a picture and details of my 75 Gallon 8 months or so after setting it up. I had previously had a 29g for a few years and migrated everything over to this new tank. I’ll include a picture of it for comparison. I set up a 10g tank co2 system for the first time 6 months ago and the plants really took off. I aim for around 20ppm co2 and the lights are two aquasky 2.0 I have done a 40% water change once or twice but it stays around 40ppm nitrates with the easy green I add. Filter is an fx4 that I have serviced once. My goal has been to make everything as automated and hands off as possible and so far so good! Fish include rainbowfish, glowlight tetras, kribensis, bristlenose pleco, platty, 3 spot gourami, peppered corys and a few nerite snails Hope you enjoy! Zack
  8. I’m interested in what you learn. I had the same spots on my rainbowfish fins a couple months ago that wouldnt go away after a couple weeks treating with ich x. I the treated with salt and paraguard and it went away.
  9. I’m still learning myself after having a planted tank for 5 years. The one thing I have learned is that there are so many variables and every tank is different. I can’t grow scarlet temple to save my life despite having decent light, co2 and fertilizers.
  10. Well I had no idea an amazon sword could flower but look what I found today. Not particularly impressive but I was surprised!
  11. Hey there, I was curious if anyone waits a day or so to start the med trio in their quarantine tank for new fish? I wonder if that would offer any benefit in allowing them to acclimate a bit before putting the meds in and stressing them further. Zack
  12. Check out the pond version of ich-x as it will go further on a larger tank like that. Aquarium co-op sells it. Good luck!
  13. Hi there I am located in San Jose CA and I would like to add fish to my two whiskey barrels I have outside with water lettuce and other plants in them. I have airstones with sponge filters running to an air pump inside the house. Plan is to keep them outdoors year round I’m pretty sure I’ll have one with gold mountain minnows. Originally I was just going to put them in both but if there is a recommendation it would be fun to put something else in the other one. Thanks! Zack
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