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The Morals of the Story:


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The air coming up one sponge filter lift tube could not even clear the surface due to the duckweed. I have no doubt it was effecting the oxygen level in the tank. The fish were all hovering around the one filter that had a bit of space still left around it at the surface. I had no idea until I removed the lid from the back of the tank. 

The moral of this story

A little duckweed goes a long way. 

Slow and steady wins the race to cover the water surface.

A duckweed in the hand is worth a million in the tank.

Necessity is the mother of a hair pick for tank upkeep.

Duckweed goes before destruction.

Duckweed of a feather flock together.

Every man (or woman) should be content to mind his own duckweed.

Don't count your duckweed until it's...

Well, good gracious!

Don't try to count it at all.

Just keep it under control! 😆😆😆

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Just now, Ken Burke

I’m struggling with duck weed too.  Man that’s outa control


I know, right???

It was just a tiny sprinkling of it before the holidays, then BOOM:

"I'm in control. Resistance is futile."


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Just now, Alesha said:

If only it would survive the trip elsewhere! I'd be happy to ship it out. 🙂😉 

If the mountain won't come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain..  maybe I should start a goldfish-renting duckweed-cleaning service :)

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