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So guys I have a hair grass alage problem in my newly set up 29 gallon so I need a BN pleco. My dad bought me some plants and I got 2 banana plants will the BN pleco eat them. Also I got 3 bunches of hornwort, 3 cups of Java moss and 2 Micro sword plants will he eat those too. I wanted to try  to breed some kribs do you guys think the pleco will eat the eggs too because I don't want it to eat the eggs but I need it to clean the hair grass algae. I also wanted to put some guppies in there too. 

Here is what I think is good for stocking

1 Albino BN plecos 

3 Fancy guppies and I wanted them too have babies and not have to have to sell them/ take them out.

A pair of Kribs to try to breed

Thanks, also tell me if I am overstocked


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Some BNPs will gnaw on Amazon Swords. Not sure about Banana plants. In general though, if there's an easier source of food for them, they'll go for that before hitting plants. Per your stocking question, you may find that those Kribensis will get extremely aggressive when they're ready to spawn. I doubt you'll have any guppy fry survive in the aquarium with Kribs around. They'll eat baby guppies. You'll also need to keep a watch on where the Kribs spawn. they like caves . . . but so do Bristlenose plecos. If there's a competition, someone might get injured. 

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