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Found 4 results

  1. Hi! So I am getting a bunch of different bristlenose plecos (albino and chocolate to start) and I don't want to spend $8 each cave right now in order to have enough caves. I need to many. I looked at some pleco cave racks and pleco cave dimensions. I have an idea but need someone's opinion. I want to get a 3 inch by 10 foot piece of pvc, because of the large opening, and then cut it into 20 - 6 inch long BN pleco caves. I know the back is open which is one reason I came on here, can I put the tube up again the back glass so it is closed? Also, on the bare bottom tanks I will sand the pvc to sit flat. If I can't put it up against the back wall I can use a 3 inch pvc socket cap instead.Would pvc be too rounded for plecos? I have seen ones spawn on wood and in logs similar to pvc. Thanks
  2. As has happened before my Super Red Bristlenose plecos have kicked the eggs out of their cave, so the kicked out eggs have been moved to an external breeder box to finish maturing. I've got about fifty eggs in this batch and papa pleco is already guarding a new clutch of eggs in the cave, so I guess he decided these were mature enough to survive on their own outside the cave. The eggs are pretty far along as you can see the backbone and fairly well developed babies in the eggs. They're probably a day or two from hatching. They've got six caves in the tank but really like one more than the rest and always seem to breed in that one. I'm guessing another male dispossessed the male that was in there and tossed his eggs out and then brought in his lady friend to lay fresh eggs. Not a big deal. The eggs are in good shape and should hatch in the external breeder box and I'll raise them there until they're big enough to rejoin the group. These guys are so easy to breed and so prolific that I truly wonder why their prices are so high. Out of the fiftyish eggs, I should get 30+ plecos, maybe more. This is probably the fifth breeding of this colony since April. Most of the time I just leave the babies in the tank and the swordtails pick off most of the young fry as I don't need a gazillion of them, but these will get raised externally. I've got 30+ of the Super Red Bristlenose plecos in my 50 gallon tank and two or three in most of my other tanks. Local pet shops sell them for $30-$40 each which is kind of crazy given how prolific and easy to raise they are. The parents are from catfishtown on eBay. I got them August 2019 and they started breeding in April 2020. I'd like to get a breeding colony in each of my tanks. They're a pretty neat little fish.
  3. Have you guys ever made natural caves from rocks ect for your plecos? I plan on getting a few plecos, but find the man made caves off putting when it’s not a breeding tank.
  4. So guys I have a hair grass alage problem in my newly set up 29 gallon so I need a BN pleco. My dad bought me some plants and I got 2 banana plants will the BN pleco eat them. Also I got 3 bunches of hornwort, 3 cups of Java moss and 2 Micro sword plants will he eat those too. I wanted to try to breed some kribs do you guys think the pleco will eat the eggs too because I don't want it to eat the eggs but I need it to clean the hair grass algae. I also wanted to put some guppies in there too. Here is what I think is good for stocking 1 Albino BN plecos 3 Fancy guppies and I wanted them too have babies and not have to have to sell them/ take them out. A pair of Kribs to try to breed Thanks, also tell me if I am overstocked TacoPlayz
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