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Morning Forum:  Hey gotta problem with the Banana Plant...after receiving it from Co-op it did`nt take so Candi sent me another one very quick...we were thinking that it might come back but it did`nt after leaving in the tank for a week or so it was getting a very green moss like growth on it after taking it out of the tank for a loss the green moss went all over the tank..it a very fine moss type..i`m still removing it from tank after a couple of weeks of it gone...it`s attaching it self to the other plants just is still alot in tank i`m trying to get it under control still...will this destroy the other plants???

Thank you for every ones time in the matter

Be Safe out there!!


2020-12-08 07.58.46.jpg

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On 12/5/2020 at 7:00 AM, Daniel said:

Yes, I have it propagated like this before:


I wouldn't replant it though, I would let the leaf and stem float until roots developed.

I am trying this, although my leaf looks different from yours. I cut the stems back a couple of days ago and today, while cleaning up, I picked up the dried stems and didn't recognize them. Honestly, I thought they were broken rubber bands at first. But when I examined them, they were tough, like a fiber. Got me thinking what a person could do with something like that. Maybe make small baskets? Dunno. I'm not a crafter, by any means. But these stems are v. cool.

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left out sumpin
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