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Found 11 results

  1. Could someone inform me on how banana plant is propagated? Thanks so much
  2. My broad leaf Bolbitis leaves have roots and tiny baby plants growing on them. I've heard this is from stress - these are new plants that I've had about a month. So I guess I'm asking if this means the adult plants are going to die? How should I handle the baby plants?
  3. How long should I let the runner go before cutting it off and moving the little plants to a different tank? There are 6 small plants now.
  4. Just wondering how tall y’all banana plants are and if they can be propagated to start new plants
  5. Which plants can I cut off that have grown to long and replant them? How do I trim plants? Is there an article or something out there with basic information?
  6. Hello! I can’t find any info on where on the stem should I cut off the new plant never done this before? another question is, is my little plant ready to be cut off and planted? last question, when I do cut the plant off will another start to propagate?? thank you!!
  7. My amazon sword sent up a long stem a couple weeks ago - I thought it was going to flower, but I've since learned that it'll use this to reproduce. I currently have 5 'babies' on the stem with roots about 1/2" long. Tiny little leaves can also be seen. How long should I let them go before cutting/planting them? This is my first planted tank (75gal) - currently low tech (but I've been researching CO2 - can't decide between pressurized systems or using a 'mid-tech' CO2 generator (baking soda and citric acid) to get better growth. The plants have been in place for about a month - other than the sword - the others haven't done much. I've just added a better light (Nicrew Sky + and a timer) and have been fertilizing with leaf zone (which I've just found isn't great). Thanks everyone! Shawn.
  8. I am setting up a new tank and will move some of my Val. Do I cut the runner at the mother plant end? New plant? And do I leave it hanging off or cut it off entirely and toss it? I’m not sure if it propagates from the same runner or if it melts back. I have regular jungle Val and dwarf that have both sent several runners and I’ll be trimming and moving.
  9. So ive heard of multiple different way to propogate bannana plants but im skeptical about them. Such as cutting off a leaf and letting it float or dutting the bulb in half. Are these viable options or not?
  10. I have one of my Java Fern growing out of a knot of Mopani. I had no idea it would grow this much this fast. Anyway, the rhizome and roots are growing out of the wood. Should I cut the rhizome or would it hurt to just let it grow?
  11. My sword plant has sent a runner out and I would like to make sure that I plant the baby plants correctly. I am thinking that once the baby plants have four or five roots that I can trim the runner on each side of the baby plant and plant them with a root tab or two. Does this sound about right to those in the know?
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