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  1. Good ideas Dude. I’ll keep all this in mind got a local store that will trade some fish for some corydoras I’ve got a 4 in Pleco and 3 in Chinese algae eater and a ton of good lookin fancy guppies should be a good start!!
  2. Thanks for the ideas Ethan!!!!
  3. I was looking at Cory’s vid on that I also was goin to give AquaHuna a shot but I get the local thing also Now the thinking begins !!! Lol. Moving some tanks around to get the 29G goin Thank you for tips will keep ya updated with some pics!!! Thanks man!!
  4. Will do!!! Any ideas on what type was thinking of a assortment??? Would like to try small guys first
  5. Sounds great I’m looking forward to get this goin for sure thank you!!!
  6. Great thank you Guppies had more fun then me during lock down I’m loaded with them good idea adding a few I’m thinkin just small Cory’s for now would like a assortment any ideas!!!!
  7. Am Kinda curious on how many Cory’s should be put in a 29G I have a spare one was thinking of just Cory’s??? Thank you guys for your time!!! Frank
  8. Hey Bill ahhhhh. Forgot about CLR. Got it in the house ughhhh!!!! Thanks Bill Gezzzze
  9. Hey tanked Thanks for the idea. Now will that damage the silicone at all??? Or just spray the solution on the glas and let it sit for awhile???
  10. Hey lefty Thank you for the reply. Yea thought as much just thought there would more suitable solution I have a straight edge knife I’m using now but it’ll take forever. Lol Frankie
  11. Afternoon Forum One of my neighbors toss out a 29 gallon set-up so naturally i picked it up for a spare tank...anyway the inside of the tank was just NASTY...dried algae and just dried up gunk is best i can describe it...any suggestions for a cleaning solution that is safe other than a straight edge and elbow grease?? i know the razor is risking but this stuff is really on the inside of the tank... or is this just a useless cause??? Right now i`m just soakin the tank with soapy water.. Thanking everyone for you time Be Safe out there!!! Frank C
  12. You know what’s strange is that it all came from the banana plant that went bad it was turning black Candi said there’s a chance it might come back so after about week or so I notice a ton of the algae growing out of the plant no where else so I took it out while doing so the algae just floated everywhere in the tank clinging to everything now I’m playing catch up
  13. Sorry for late reply doorwall about 8ft very little sun. I had LED’s on the hoods of tanks
  14. That’s another good idea I got the long tweezers from Co-op. They work perfect. Thank you
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