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I got this wisteria 2-3 months ago and I have enjoyed it as a nice tall background plant. I've been adding Co-Op root tabs every 4 weeks and it's been growing nicely. 

But 2 weeks ago started looking like it was having some melting then shed most of the leaves except the last 6 inches at the top. The leaves continue to deteriorate with melting from the center. All other plants are doing really well. Will it recover?



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My short suggestion is: patience and an extra shot of liquid fertilizer.  

Other sites indicate that the WW is a water column feeder as well as a root feeder.  Mine is doing the same thing after 1 month.  The differences being that mine is growing roots on the stem and on some of the cast off leaves.  The plant also seems to be trying to replace some of the missing leaves on the same node.  It is too soon to know if this growth is going to continue.  I have a 29 gallon with a DIY light set up running 6 hours.

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Like Seized said, the plant isn't getting enough light. As the stem plant grow taller and taller, the top leaves block off light from the remaining portion of the stem. Causing the stem to be bare on the lower portion and only leaves up top. Your harder to grow ground plants might be doing fine, but they might not be shading itself out like the stem plant is doing.

I would recommend you increase light intensity/bring the light down some more. 

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